Sex and The City: The Complete Series + 2 Movie Collection (Blu-ray)

November 1, 2021 63 Min Read

Review by: Matt Brighton

Plot: What’s it about?

I vividly remember my first encounter with Sex and the City. I was living in Connecticut and had traveled down to “the city” (New York) for…something. I don’t remember what. But there was an advertisement for an HBO original series called, you guessed it, Sex and the City. Sarah Jessica Parker was draped across the New York skyline wearing a cocktail dress and I thought nothing more of it. Flash forward a year and I was now living in Little Rock, AR. I’d agreed to house sit for a friend of my parents. They had two large dogs and I was asked “to try and stay there as much as possible.” As fate would have it, this web site was just under a year old and HBO had sent me (drumroll, please) the first season of Sex and the City. Having nothing else to do (aside from feeding dogs) I figured I’d give it a shot. The rest, as they say, is history.

Over the next few years I’d watch the show and a girl I was dating absolutely adored it. We’d get together with her sisters and watch the new episodes. Although as I learned, it wasn’t so much about the men in the show as it was all about the fashion. To each their own, right? The series ended its run after six seasons in 2004 and since then two movies have followed. I watched the first one and it wasn’t until this set arrived that I watched the second. Below I’ve compiled all of the plot synopsis for all 96 episodes as well as both movies. Enjoy. I did. There are plenty of memories in there for us all!

Season One

1. Sex and the City-The pilot episode, we get to meet all the characters and figure out what they all do (and in some cases…who). A good introduction to all the characters and a baseline for what to expect in future episodes (I was hooked here).

2. Models and Morals-While doing some “research” for her next column, Carrie decides to find out what the obsession is with men who only date models.

3. Bay of Married Pigs-Carrie sees the “other” side of her friend’s husband while the rest of the group continues to have it’s difficulties with the dating scene. If you look real close, you’ll see how sneaky HBO is…look on the bus and you’ll see an advertisement for “From the Earth to the Moon”…clever!

4. Valley of the Twenty-Something Guys-The girls realize that they’re not getting any younger as they start to date men that are just a few years too young for them.

5. The Power of Female Sex-Realizing that she’s out of money (spent it on shoes), Carrie beds an Italian lover who solves her cash problem…but now she feels like a “professional”.

6. Secret Sex-Concentrates on those dates that you don’t want to introduce to your friends, should you happen to run into them. We also learn of a dirty secret of Charlotte’s…

7. The Monogamists-Carrie and Mr. Big (her on again off again boyfriend) are at an all time high as this episode explores the “single life” of all the characters.

8. Three’s a Crowd-Charlotte has finally found what seems to be the perfect man, though she’s having trouble deciding whether or not to give into his demands of having a menage a trois…

9. The Turtle and the Hare-My personal favorite episode, had me rolling on the floor with laughter. Can Samantha make a guy with bad breath into a new lover? And what exactly is the deal with “the rabbit”?

10. The Baby Shower-The gang learns that times are indeed a changin’ as they see one of their ex-friends turn into a mom to be, when they can remember her as the “wild one” not so long ago…

11. The Drought-Carrie has an accidental, uh, emission in bed and as a result the show is dedicated to why Carrie and the others are having so much trouble getting a man.

12. Oh Come All Ye Faithful– Mr. Big is discovered with his mom in church, and Carrie pries until she is caught spying on them…the ending episode of the first season that leaves me wanting more.

Season Two

1. Take Me Out to the Ballgame: Carrie has ended her relationship with Mr. Big and has to deal with that ordeal, but her spirit liven up when she finds a Yankee player who she thinks might be able to heal her pain. Samantha’s new boyfriend isn’t quite living up to the standard that she is used to, seems size is an issue. Charlotte’s new boyfriend seems to think her new boyfriend has a tendency to “adjust” himself in public a little too much…

2. The Awful Truth: As Carrie gets over Mr. Big, she decides to invite him to her birthday party, but it seems one is the loneliest number for her on her big day. Charlotte gets a puppy as a means to avoid dating men and Samantha gets a little too far involved in the “dirty talk” for her new boyfriend.

3. The Freak Show: This might be my favorite episode of the season. Carrie’s dates range from a documentary self-centered filmmaker to a nice guy/jerk at a whim. Samantha’s date is more than she bargained for (hint: dog collars) and Charlotte takes advantage of a man who makes her day after day after day after day the best in the world.

4. They Shoot Single People, Don’t They?: The ageless conversation of “faking it” is tackled here (with no real solution), and all of them deal with the possibility of satisfying their man or faking it just to appease their lovers. Charlotte, meanwhile, decides that it’s about time she gets a bit closer with the apartment building handyman.

5. Four Women and a Funeral: Charlotte meets a man at a funeral who seems to good to be true (and most likely is) as Carrie tries to heal the pain that’s happening between her and Mr. Big. Samantha learns the hard way who not to seduce and why. She’s blackballed from New York’s elite for being a slut. Miranda, having second thoughts about her new place, starts to second guess her decision.

6. The Cheating Curve: Tackling the ever-interesting world of men and women cheating, the foursome wonder if it’s ok if you don’t get caught. Charlotte makes friends with influential lesbians, but isn’t in the “in crowd” and Miranda finally gets asked out by a work out buddy who she’s been eyeing for months.

7. The Chicken Dance: Can two people still fall in love at first sight? Ask Miranda. Her friend who she is sort of interested in, instantly falls for her decorator and are married in a matter of months! The girls don’t know what to think as does Mr. Big.

8. The man, The Myth, The Viagra: Miranda meets Steve, a man who actually lasts more than one episode. Despite his annoying voice, she’s attracted to him even though she treats him as a one night stand. Samantha starts to date a 72 year-old millionaire who has a plentiful supply of Viagra, but not much else.

9. Old Dogs, New Dicks: Carrie is on a quest to change some of Mr. Big’s annoying habits, which may or may not work. Charlotte is dating an uncircumcised man, but much to her dismay, things go wrong when he gets himself “fixed” and Samantha bumps into an old boyfriend only to discover that he’s now a man…named Samantha!

10. The Caste System: Mr. Big and Carrie tell each other how they really feel about each other, though Big is in true form. Miranda and Steve call it quits (but a man actually lasted more than one episode) and Charlotte goes from art decorator to groupie in record time.

11. Evolution: Carrie tries to domesticate Mr. Big by attempting to leave some items at Mr. Big’s place. Miranda finds out that she has a “lazy” ovary and comes to terms that she may never have kids and Charlotte dates a guy who she thinks is gay, but quickly learns that looks (and actions) can be very deceiving…

12. La Doleur Exquise: Mr. Big tells Carrie that he’ll be moving to Paris for half a year as Samantha takes the girls out to the newest S & M restaurant in the city. Charlotte has some—-issues with shoes and the people who sell them to her and Miranda meets a man who likes to play it risky!

13 Games People Play: They ask the question “Do you have to play games to make a relationship work?” as Carrie meets none other than Jon Bon Jovi and of course, has a fling with him. Samantha’s new boyfriend only has sex with her when the Knicks or Mets win forcing her to become a sports nut and Miranda and her neighbor get to know each other a bit more…

14. The Fuck Buddy: The ladies finally realize what they are and what they do. They just don’t care. Samantha and the couple next door make a little game out of their noises they hear, much to Samantha’s disappointment later on. And Charlotte finds her schedule is too full for her dates…so she starts double-booking them.

15. Shortcomings: Charlotte’s brother, who is going through a divorce, has sex with Samantha prompting Charlotte to make a rather true (yet hurtful) remark to Samantha. Carrie dates a man who also writes and gets to know his family a bit better…

16. Was it good for you?: The ladies ponder the question as to their performance in bed (in this show…are you kidding?) as Carrie dates a man who drinks too much and wonders if she is his new drug. And Charlotte’s man falls asleep while having sex with her.

17. 20-Something Girls vs. 30-Something Women: Charlotte dates a guy in his 20’s who gives her a harmless, yet embarrassing STD. Samantha’s ex worker tries the PR thing, much to her dismay. Carrie discovers that when Mr. Big returns from Paris, he has a new little lady at his side by the name of Natasha.

18. Ex and the City: Carrie wonders about her future with Mr. Big and if they can be friends or not after she learns that Big and Natasha are engaged. Samantha meets a man who is just the opposite of her earlier problem…he’s too big (even for her)! And Charlotte conquers her fear of horses, if only temporarily.

Season Three

1. Politically Erect: The ladies venture out to Staten Island as Carrie has been picked as a judge in a Fireman’s Calendar contest. Samantha manages to pick one that she likes and well, you know…Miranda has lasik surgery and finds out how much she really needs someone else with her, but refuses to ask for help. And Charlotte gets drunk and proclaims that she wants to find a man to marry.

2. Attack of the Five Foot Ten Woman: Carrie is upset to see that Mr. Big and his 25 year-old model are getting married. She feels upset and tries to compensate by looking attractive at a party. Miranda has a new house cleaner that tries to inflict moral values on her. Charlotte tries to get over her fear of nudity in public by bearing all at a spa and Samantha wants a little more at the same spa when she hears “good things” about a certain masseuse.

3. Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl…: At a gallery opening, Charlotte introduces the gals to a photographer who specializes in taking pictures of drag queens and Carrie is astounded to realize that her new boyfriend has dated on both sides of the fence. Samantha’s new assistant is reluctant to do what he’s told…until she fires him!

4. No Ifs, Ands or Butts: Charlotte’s date needs some kissing lessons and this is the episode where we’re introduced to Aidan (John Corbett) who Carrie finds very attractive. He makes her quit smoking, but it looks as if this will be more of a challenge than he originally thought.

5. Are we Sluts?: Yes. Yes they are! Carrie wonders why Aidan won’t have sex with her and Charlotte’s new boyfriend and her are having sex, but he degrades her as things “progress”. Miranda discovers she has the “clap” and has to tell all of her ex-boyfriends about it and Samantha is forced to move out of her building to make her neighbors happy.

6. Drama Queens: Charlotte is continuing her quest to get married and after a set up date with her friends fails, she meets Trey (Kyle McLaughlin) and the two fall head over heels. Carrie feels that everything is too perfect with Aidan and therefore worries. Miranda and Steve are settling into a very domestic lifestyle until she has an “encounter” with his underwear. Samantha has an experience with Viagra…

7. The Big Time: Charlotte and Trey are going along at full speed and Carrie bumps into Big at a party who later tells her he can’t stop thinking about her. Miranda and Steve start having troubles when he mentions a child and Samantha fears that she is getting old when a catalog comes her way.

8. Easy Come, Easy Go: Samantha has a new boyfriend of the week (or day) who leaves a bad taste in her mouth…literally. Carrie bumps into Mr. Big, drunk, at Aidan’s furniture show and he tells her of their woes. Charlotte proposes to Trey whose response to marriage is “Alrighty” and Miranda wonders why she is helping Steve find a new place when he’s already dating other women while still living on her couch!

9. All or Nothing: Samantha hosts a party for her new place of living while Carrie has an affair with Mr. Big while Aidan is out of town for a few days. Miranda meets a lawyer from the Chicago office who turns her onto phone sex. Charlotte is presented with a prenuptial agreement that has her wondering what is what.

10. Running with Scissors: Carrie and Big’s affair enters its third week and she’s starting to feel used. Meanwhile, Miranda has an encounter with a sandwich outside of Blimpie who constantly tells her to “Eat him”. Samantha is asked to take an AIDS test as she has never had one. She needs to do this to hook up with the male counterpart of herself.

11. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Miranda tries multiple dating, but soon learns that when she tells of being a lawyer, it’s a turnoff to any man. Charlotte finally ties the knot, but learns that Trey has a problem with “arousal” the night before. Carrie tells Aidan of the affair between her and Big.

12. Escape from New York: The girls head off to Los Angeles, except Charlotte who is on her honeymoon and meet up with a model of sorts. Miranda heads home with him and Carrie meets up with a Hollywood producer (Matthew McConaughey) who wants to make a movie based on her column.

13. Sex and Another City: On week two of their “West Coast Adventure”, the girls are getting used to life in LA. Miranda hooks up with one of her old New York friends but is surprised when he has a new outlook on life. Miranda gets the girls thrown out of the Playboy Mansion party when she accuses a Playmate of stealing her bag. Charlotte joins them as she confesses that her marriage isn’t working out due to lack of sex.

14. Hot Child in the City: Miranda has got some new braces and Charlotte and her husband try sex therapy to see if that can remedy their problem. Carrie dates a guy she meets in a comic store, but is busted by his mom when they smoke pot. Samantha is asked to be the PR lead for a bar mitzvah.

15. Frenemies: Miranda’s date, Will, has died (hence his not showing up) and Miranda dates one of Carrie’s ex-boyfriends who turns out to be a real jerk, just as Carrie said. Samantha gives Charlotte some sexual advice that seems to work.

16. What Goes Around Comes Around: Carrie is snubbed by Natasha at a restaurant and Charlotte is on the prowl for some sexual healing. Meanwhile, Miranda is being pursued by a policeman who is on the case of Carrie’s missing shoes. Samantha tells Carrie that Natasha has left Big and she feels even more guilty…

17. Cock a Doodle Do: Carrie is awakened by roosters on her rooftop (hence the name) and Samantha is bothered by the transsexual hookers outside her window. Trey and Charlotte manage to run into another and have no problem with sex like the used to and the girls have their first ever fight!

Season Four

1. I Heart NY – It’s autumn in New York and Carrie’s yearning for some company. She invites herself over to Big’s apartment, finding it filled with shipping boxes. Big tells her that he’s moving to Napa, California where he bought a vineyard. Dazed and confused, Carrie joins him in a glass of wine and a slow dance to Big’s parents’ favorite song, “Moon River.”

2. A ‘Vogue’ Idea – Carrie tells Julian that she’s thinking of quitting Vogue. Julian wonders what her dad would say and Carrie reveals that her father left when she was 5 years old. She wonders: How much does a father-figure figure? Meanwhile, mom-to-be Miranda is freaking out about how she’s going to juggle work and motherhood. Charlotte enthusiastically offers to throw Miranda a baby shower and Miranda begrudgingly accepts.

3. Ring a Ding Ding – Unable to say goodbye, Carrie turns away as Aidan moves out of her apartment and her life. She finds what she assumes is a “goodbye letter”; in fact, it’s a legal document giving her 30 days to either buy back her apartment or vacate it. At the bank, she’s told that she’s not a “desirable candidate” for a loan.

4. Change of a Dress – Carrie is feeling pressured by Aidan – and society at large – to plan her wedding. She admits to Miranda that she isn’t exactly feeling like a blushing bride. Miranda confesses that she isn’t exactly glowing over her pregnancy. She tells Carrie that she “faked” her sonogram – feigning joy when she found out she was having a boy.

5. All That Glitters… – Charlotte runs into Anthony and his friend who works for House and Garden magazine and they dance the night away. Carrie makes friends with a cute gay boy named Oliver at the bar. Miranda runs into Max, a junior associate at her firm. He asks her not to tell the partners he’s gay and she asks him not to tell them she’s pregnant…

6. The Good Fight – Carrie panics when she finds out that she and Aidan won’t be able to take over the apartment next door for another month. When Aidan proposes cleaning out her closet, she panics even more. As she watches Aidan move her precious Manolos and designer garb and when Pete starts gnawing on one of her stilettos, a heated argument ensues. After much yelling…

7. Just Say Yes – Samantha has a drink with her new client, Richard Wright. He proudly tells her that he enjoys sleeping around and is not at all interested in marriage, piquing single-girl Samantha’s interest. Their next encounter finds them in Richard’s private jet headed for the mile-high club.

8. Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda – Charlotte sees a fertility doctor and finds out that she has only a 15 percent chance of conceiving naturally. She bumps into Miranda on the street, tells her the news and walks away from the unhappily pregnant Miranda. Carrie accompanies Miranda to have her abortion. While they’re waiting Miranda becomes increasingly worried that she’s not making the right decision.

9. Belles of the Balls – Up at Aidan’s country house, Carrie gets another call from Big, who is so distraught he says he’ll drive up there to talk with her. Aidan fumes when he finds out. Big arrives, gets drunk and has to spend the night. The next day, Carrie tells Big he has to make friends with Aidan. When he goes out to apologize to Aidan, the two end up wrestling in the mud…

10. Sex and the Country – When Carrie gets to Aidan’s extra rustic cabin, she immediately laments not being in the city. She realizes that relationships are inevitably a series of compromises and asks: When does the art of compromise become compromising? Unable to stand it anymore, Carrie returns to New York and goes out for a steak with Big.

11. My Motherboard, My Self – Miranda has to go to Philadelphia because her Mom has had a heart attack. The next day her Mom dies. Miranda calls Carrie to let her know and trying to be strong fights back tears. Charlotte, who has become a regular Martha Stewart, takes charge of getting the best funeral fruit basket and flower arrangement. Samantha has trouble dealing with the news of the death and can’t bring herself to call Miranda. Instead…

12. Time and Punishment – Charlotte stuns the girls by announcing that she’s planning on quitting her gallery job and devoting herself to having a baby and redecorating. Charlotte is angry that the girls, especially Miranda, are judgmental of her decision. She calls Miranda and while on the phone Miranda’s neck goes out. Aidan offers to go check on Miranda and finds her naked on the floor unable to move…

13. Baby, Talk is Cheap – Miranda meets a cute guy, aka “Marathon Man,” in her running group and they arrange to go for a run together, which leads to a post-workout workout. Miranda is surprised when Marathon Man puts his tongue where no man has gone before. Charlotte has other things on her mind as she and Trey talk about having a baby.

14. Ghost Town – When Miranda bumps into Steve, he announces that he’s opening up his own bar and invites her to the opening. Miranda feels conflicted as she was the one who had encouraged him to be so ambitious when they were in a relationship. Carrie also receives an invitation to the opening of “Scout” and is shocked to read that Aidan is Steve’s “silent partner.”

15. What’s Sex Got to Do With It? – Charlotte wonders why she can’t “have the sex AND the relationship” with Trey. She worries that Trey will never ask her to move back in to their apartment, even though their sex life is going so well. After Trey asks Charlotte to “measure his John Thomas,” Charlotte storms out of the apartment. But Trey shows up at Charlotte’s apartment the next day to ask her to move back in with him…

16. Defining Moments – Carrie goes bar hopping with Big and finds that their relationship as “friends” has never been better. Charlotte and Trey are enjoying themselves as well – having steamy sex in coat rooms and other public places around the city. However, Charlotte starts to wonder where she and Trey are headed. Out on the town again with Big, Carrie is drawn to jazz musician Ray King…

17. The Real Me – On the night of the fashion show, Carrie is informed there’s been a wardrobe change and she has to wear a tiny pair of jeweled underwear. She freaks, but all done up and looking fabulous, Samantha assures her that she is a model. Carrie starts her walk down the runway only to fall flat on her face. Faced with a choice, Carrie gets back up and finishes her catwalk to cheers.

18. The Agony and the ‘Ex’-tacy – The girls get ready for a Saturday night out at an engagement party, but are dismayed when they see the invitation – it announces that the couple has “Two souls, one thought.” After the party, Charlotte shows up at Trey’s apartment wanting to talk. When she includes “sex life” under their list of problems, Trey tries to convince her otherwise.

Season Five

1. Anchors Aweigh – As Fleet Week kicks off in New York City, Carrie, Samantha and Charlotte begin to adjust to Miranda’s new life with baby Brady. Samantha is finding it hard to adjust to “cleaning up her act” in front of Brady, especially since she’s still seething over Richard’s infidelity. Newly single Charlotte is ready to find her next great love, whereas Carrie wonders if after Big and Aidan, she’s all out of great loves…

2. Unoriginal Sin – At their weekly breakfast, Samantha tells the girls that she’s back together with Richard. The girls are shocked and skeptical. Miranda is also shocked when Steve tells her he’d like baby Brady to be baptized so he doesn’t go to Hell. Carrie relates that she’s finding it difficult to drum up new material for her weekly sex column now that she’s not in a relationship.

3. Luck Be an Old Lady – Charlotte’s turning 36, but plans on staying 35 as far as anyone else is concerned. To celebrate Charlotte’s “faux” birthday, Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte join Samantha on her latest private jet trip with Richard. Destination: Atlantic City. Carrie is determined to spend some quality time gambling with her girlfriends, but finds that isn’t so easy. Miranda wants to catch up on her sleep and read The New Yorker, and Samantha is busy keeping an eye on Richard’s every move…

4. Cover Girl – Carrie is appalled to see a mocked-up photo of herself all but naked on the proposed cover of her “Sex and the City” book. While browsing for book cover ideas at Barnes & Noble, Samantha offers to help Carrie create a look that says ‘smart and sexy.’ Charlotte heads for the Self Help aisle but when she sees the lonely desperate looking characters there, she flees. She refuses to identify with such women and opts to buy a book in the privacy of her own home – online.

5. Plus One is the Loneliest Number – Carrie is gearing up for the biggest night of her life – her book-launch party. Naturally, Samantha serves as Carrie’s publicist and party-planner. Miranda, who’s back in the office and loving it, gets a timely call from her pre-baby ex-lover, Walker Lewis. Excited by the prospect of a replay of their one-night stand, she invites him to be her ‘plus one’ for the party.

6. Critical Condition – Miranda is a sleepless cranky mess. Baby Brady won’t stop screaming and crying, leaving mommy Miranda at her wits end. Charlotte’s screaming problem comes in the form of her ex-mother-in-law Bunny who is fighting tooth and nail to get Charlotte out of the MacDougal apartment. Charlotte hires a fierce lawyer to get Bunny off her back.

7. The Big Journey – Carrie tells the girls that she’s headed to San Francisco for her book tour and that she is desperate to get laid. And well, yes, she just might call upon Big while she’s there. She recruits Samantha to join her on the journey West – by train. Feeling jaded by NY and NY men, Samantha is up for the adventure…

8. I Love a Charade – The girls are invited to the unlikely wedding of Carrie’s supposedly gay friend, flamboyant lounge singer Bobby Fine to society lady Bitsy Von Muffling. Stunned by the news, Carrie thinks about what it takes to make a relationship work. Charlotte’s new ‘just sex’ partner, Harry, invites her to be his date for the big Hamptons wedding. Charlotte worries about his crass behavior, but accepts provided that hairy Harry wax his back. In another not so clear relationship, Miranda inexplicably finds herself having sex with Steve. Meanwhile, Samantha calls upon the services of her ex, Richard, in another way: she arranges to throw a party at his house in the Hamptons.

Season Six – Part I

1. To Market, To Market – Carrie finally manages to set up a date with fellow author Jack Berger, but the situation makes Carrie as nervous as she is ecstatic. Charlotte finds herself in a tough situation. Against all odds, she is falling deeply in love with Harry, but he can’t get serious about her because she’s not Jewish. Things aren’t any easier for Miranda, who finally admits to herself that she’s in love with Steve. After much soul-searching, she decides to tell him during a dinner “date”, but he beats her to the punch by revealing that he’s already in an another relationship. Miranda’s spirits plummet, and she keeps her feelings to herself…

2. Great Sexpectations – Samantha introduces the girls to a “raw foods” restaurant, she discovers that she wants something that’s not on the menu… a date with the hot waiter. Unfortunately, Samantha isn’t the only woman interested in the staff. Charlotte announces that she is going to convert to Judaism. The conversion is easier said than done, however, as Charlotte’s attempts to meet with a rabbi are repeatedly rebuffed…

3. The Perfect Present – Carrie and Berger move firmly into the next phase of their relationship with Carrie making the first trip to Berger’s apartment. While pleasantly surprised that Jack’s apartment does not say “scary bachelor”, Carrie is less thrilled when Berger uses the visit as an opportunity to open the dreaded “ex-file”. Dealing with the new relationship of her ex, Steve, proves difficult for Miranda; particularly, when a diaper-bag discovery forces her to realize that the relationship is indeed moving forward, at least in the bedroom. Charlotte continues her conversion with an accelerated course in the Jewish faith. But doubts arise when she realizes that becoming Jewish means giving up some of her own traditions…

4. Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little – Samantha and Jerry’s sex life is heating up, with the pair acting out several different fantasies in the bedroom. Sometimes Jerry plays an IRS agent, other times a doctor… but the scenarios always end with a steamy bedroom encounter. Miranda tries to test Berger’s theory about men in her daily life — namely that men don’t send hidden messages to women — but this backfires badly on Miranda when she goes out with a man and misinterprets her date’s stomach ailments for a lack of interest. Charlotte takes to her new role as a Jew with great vigor. She peppers her conversations with Yiddish phrases and cooks Harry a massive dinner for their first Shabbat together…

5. Lights, Camera, Relationship – Carrie takes Berger on a date to Prada. Berger initially feels like a fish out of water in the upscale retailer, but a few comped glasses of champagne help him to relax. Unfortunately, no amount of alcohol can help him deal with the sticker shock brought on by the price of a shirt that Carrie wants him to buy. Samantha continues her burgeoning relationship with Jerry, even going so far as to travel to Brooklyn to see him in a play. The show (“Full Moon”) bores her into numbness until Jerry steps onstage and drops trou. Sadly, Miranda and Charlotte aren’t doing as well as Samantha in the relationship department. Charlotte is still smarting from being dumped by Harry, while Miranda’s feelings for Steve continue to grow…

6. Hop, Skip And A Week – Carrie gets tapped for jury duty, and she finds herself unable to talk her way out of performing her civic obligation. Sadly, this is the least of her problems, as her relationship with Berger is becoming more and more forced by the moment. imperiled is the bond between Miranda and baby Brady. Miranda’s career puts more and more demands on her time, and Brady begins to see Magda as his mother figure since his real mother is never home. Samantha, as usual, doesn’t seem to be having any problems at all. Her guidance of Smith’s career is going swimmingly. She manages to get him a gig as the “Absolut Hunk”, which brings with it a several story tall billboard in Times Square…

7. The Post-it Always Sticks Twice – Carrie and the girls are meeting for their usual breakfast when two bombshells are dropped. The good news is that Charlotte and Harry are engaged… but the bad news is that Berger dumped Carrie via a Post-it note earlier that morning. Charlotte absolutely basks in the glow of her engagement to Harry. Her ring is enormous (and patterned after the one given by Richard Burton to Elizabeth Taylor), and all seems well. All, that is, except for the nagging feeling that somehow this second marriage will be somewhat less special than her first. Miranda is also in a funk until discovering that after many months of juggling motherhood and a career she is now able to fit into her “skinny jeans” for the first time since 1985…

8. The Catch – While relating this situation to the girls, Harry appears and introduces Carrie to his best man for the upcoming nuptials. After much coaxing, Carrie allows herself a one-nighter with her fellow member of the wedding party, but winds up wildly unsatisfied after he proves to be a less than sensitive lover. Charlotte and Harry’s wedding day arrives, but much to the bride’s chagrin, nothing seems to work out properly. First, Harry sees Charlotte while she tries on her gown, sending Charlotte into a panic…

9. A Woman’s Right to Shoes – Carrie and Stanford attend a baby shower thrown by their friends Kyra and Chuck. Upon arriving, they discover that Kyra’s house rules include the removal of all footwear, regardless if doing so will destroy a carefully crafted outfit. Miranda finds herself with three separate problems: an open apartment in her building, Brady suffering from the chickenpox and her own growing need for male companionship. Luckily, one person solves all three problems, as Dr. Robert Leeds takes the vacancy and helps Miranda care for her sick child. Samantha’s dislike for misbehaving children comes to a head in a fancy restaurant. While a child babbles loudly in the background, Sam is admonished for daring to speak on a cell phone…

10. Boy, Interrupted – Carrie receives a pleasant surprise when her high school boyfriend, Jeremy (David Duchovny), calls her up and asks her to meet for dinner. The pair broke up in High School, but their chemistry leads them to instantly reconnect. The New York City summer heat is driving Samantha crazy, but equally frustrating is her inability to be granted access to SoHo, an exclusive club that features a fabulous swimming pool. Luckily for Sam, she finds a misplaced ID card that grants her access to the club, so long as she doesn’t mind answering to the name Annabelle Bronstein…

11. The Domino Effect – Big is back in New York, but unfortunately, he’s returned to Gotham to undergo an angioplasty. Carrie does not react well to this news, breaking down into tears whenever the subject comes up. The waterworks don’t subside, even when Carrie visits Big after the procedure, making her realize that Big is somebody that will always be under her skin. Charlotte’s ever present desire to conceive intensifies after a chance meeting with the very-pregnant Bitsy Von Muffling. She learns that Bitsy attributes her condition to the wonderful treatments of a Dr. Mao…

12. One – Carrie and Charlotte make a visit to a gallery where a performance artist has placed herself on display without any food or water. While viewing the exhibit, famed Russian artist Aleksandr Petrovsky takes notice of Carrie, but disappears into the crowd before she can point him out to Charlotte. Robert surprises Miranda by giving her a giant cookie with the words “I Love You” written out in chocolate chips on it. Miranda realizes that she’s not able to respond in kind to him (the words, not the cookie), and she worries that she’s never going to be able to express her feelings to anybody…

Season Six – Part II

1. The Ick Factor – The relationship between Carrie and Petrovsky continues to develop, but one thing continues to nag at Carrie. Petrovsky is given to grand gestures of affection (including poetry reading and the composition of original love songs), and that’s a bit too much for this slightly cynical New York girl. Not to be left behind in the romance department, Harry takes Charlotte to an upscale French restaurant. The meal is wonderful, but later that night, the newlyweds both come down with acute food poisoning.

2. Catch-38 – Samantha’s cancer treatments hit a rough spot when her male physician offends her by mentioning that some studies show that childless women have an increased risk for breast cancer. Samantha vows to receive treatment from a female doctor. Miranda and Steve take their honeymoon, but Miranda finds it somewhat difficult to totally relax in the wilderness setting chosen by her husband. The lack of television, radio and other distractions (along with Steve’s raging libido) drives Miranda crazy.

3. Out of the Frying Pan – In a change from their usual excursions around Manhattan, Petrovsky convinces Carrie to have dinner at her place. The meal goes well, but ends abruptly when a mouse (smashed by Petrovsky) runs across her countertop. Samantha’s cancer treatments are going well, and she reacts positively to the chemo. Unfortunately, the procedure causes her hair to begin falling out. Samantha freaks out at this development, especially since she has Smith’s big premiere coming up. Charlotte and Harry’s quest to conceive continues in vain as Charlotte’s latest round of IVF proves unsuccessful. She tries to run away from her problems (literally) by taking frequent jogs in the park.

4. The Cold War – Samantha (along with her fabulous collection of wigs) is non-plussed to hear growing rumors that Smith is actually gay. However, after a carefully cropped image of Smith, Stanford and Marcus sees print, the talk intensifies, and Sam is stuck with the label of “fag hag.” Charlotte decides to take Elizabeth Taylor back into competition, entering the King Charles Spaniel in a dog show. The event doesn’t go smoothly, as Elizabeth goes into heat right before the judging. Carrie and Petrovsky’s relationship continues to sizzle. The pair cuddle up in the Russian’s apartment for several days, causing Carrie to somewhat isolate herself from her friends.

5. Splat! – Carrie finally manages to bring her new and old friends together as Petrovsky hosts a dinner party for Ms. Bradshaw’s inner circle. The evening is pleasant enough, but it’s clear that there’s some tension in the air. A decision about Paris will have to wait as Carrie and Petrovsky attend a party thrown by Enid Frick, Carrie’s editor from Vogue. Enid asks Carrie to set her up with one of Petrovsky’s friends, but when she produces food critic Martin Grable at the party, Enid’s reaction is tepid. Instead, Enid tries to put the moves on Petrovsky, a tack that is quickly headed off by Carrie.

6. An American Girl in Paris (Part Une) – Before leaving for Paris, Carrie runs into Big outside of her apartment, but she makes it clear to him that she wants him totally out of her life. Ms. Bradshaw then has one last dinner with Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, and it’s clear that the four women know that Carrie’s absence will have a major impact on all of their lives. Meanwhile, back in New York, Samantha is chosen to speak at a benefit for breast cancer research. Her speech starts out stiffly, but she soon loosens up, and wins over the audience with her usual blunt manner.

7. An American Girl in Paris (Part Deux) – Do you really think we’re going to tell you how it ends?

Sex and the City: The Movie

The long-awaited film made its debut just four years after the show ran its course. Was it worth the wait? In a word…no. Depressing was more the word I’d use to describe it. And without going into too much detail, I’ll attempt to summarize the extended version (all 151 minutes of it) of the much-anticipated film. The names and the faces are the same, Carrie (Sarah Jessica-Parker) has written a few books, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) still lives in Brooklyn with husband Steve (David Eigenberg), Charlotte (Kristin Davis) has adopted a child with husband Harry (Evan Handler) and Samantha (Kim Cattrall) has moved her PR firm out to Los Angeles where she focuses too much of her time and efforts on nice-guy boyfriend, Smith Jared (Jason Lewis). Now that’s pretty much how we left the stars some four years ago, but there have been a few developments since then. Carrie and Mr. Big (Chris Noth) have decided to tie the knot and she vacates her old, familiar apartment for a new one with a presumably larger closet. But after a series of events, Big leaves Carrie at the altar spiraling her into a depression which only lifts the last ten minutes of the movie. Steve admits to having cheated on Miranda, Charlotte gets unexpectedly pregnant and Samantha is tired of having to be faithful to Smith. Something’s gotta give, right?

Sex and the City 2

Despite rather lackluster reviews, a sequel was inevitable due to the box office. When a movie grosses over $400 million worldwide – you make a sequel. This time around we find Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) now married to Mr. Big (Chris Noth) but their lifestyles are exactly compatible. She wants to live the life and go to big events, he wants to stay at home and eat takeout. Charlotte (Kristen Davis) is feeling overwhelmed by her role as a parent and worries that her husband (Evan Handler) might be tempted by their new nanny (Alice Eve). Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) is having problems at work and suspects her boss is discriminating against her. This leaves Samantha (Kim Cattrall) who’s, well, still the same and as horny as ever. All this considered, Samantha arranges to take the trio to Abu Dhabi where they can get back to their roots and let loose. And, wouldn’t you know it, Carrie runs into Aiden (John Corbett) who manages to complicate things for Carrie as well as her marriage…

Video: How’s it look?

The Series

The allure with this Blu-ray set is the remastered picture. I’d watched this when it was airing (back in the late 90’s/early 2000’s) and it was shown in a 4:3 aspect ratio. That was fine since, at the time, most all of us had 4:3 televisions. This is no longer the case. There were television shows that simply filmed in 4:3 (i.e. Star Trek: The Next Generation) and then there were those like Sex and the City that were actually shot in widescreen and then broadcast (and put on DVD) in 4:3. The good news is that the entire series was meticulously scanned from the original camera negatives giving the episodes new life. But, more importantly, we finally get to see the show the way it was meant to be seen – in its 16:9 glory! I was a bit suspicious at first as some television shows have claimed that they’re “now in widescreen” when in all actuality it’s just a zoomed in picture with some black bars slapped on the top and bottom. This isn’t the case with SATC.

Looking at the overall picture quality it’s good. It’s not great, but it’s certainly an improvement over the previously-released DVD set. The entire series was shot on 16mm film so the show was limited in that regard. There are tons of examples of a grainy, gritty picture and while those now look better, they still persist. Detail has been improved and colors seem to have a bit more “pop” to them. Fans of the show will recognize that each episode has its own individual flavor, but on the whole – this is the main reason to pick this set up. Below are some screenshots from my original DVD set and some with the new Blu-ray (I might have sourced one from Twitter, but this should be enough to see what I’m referring to). As the pictures suggest, there’s certainly more room on the sides with only a bit of information from the top/bottom compromised. Still, it’s a welcome change and, to me, the only reason to retire your old DVD collection (though I did like the spiral bound carrying case it came in).

The films

The two theatrical films are also included in this set with both appearing in their respective 2.40:1 AVC encodes. This is one of the major differences between the series and show as these seem more cinematic. Truthfully, I can’t tell that anything major (if anything) has been done with these. Both appear equal to their previous Blu-ray counterparts and both look fabulous. Colors are warm and bright, detail is spot on and contrast and black levels are strong. The two films never had the hill to climb like the series did. Viewers should have no complaints with the way these look. Now when it comes to their content, that’s a different story.

Audio: How’s it sound?

The show was never really one for dynamic sound. Sure the opening sequence has a few moments with its mamba-like vibe, but by and large this was a television show that was meant to showcase the writing, acting and what was on screen – not what was coming out of the speakers. That said, the series and the films feature a DTS HD Master Audio track that’s not half bad. Sarah Jessica Parker’s character narrates every episode and her voice comes through with the utmost in clarity. Surrounds are used sparingly, yet effectively. With 96 episodes, there are more than enough opportunities for nearly every audio element to make itself known, there are sequences at a club, New York City traffic and everything in between. The audio isn’t as noticeable as the way these look visually, but viewers should be amply impressed nonetheless.

Supplements: What are the extras?

Sadly, there are no new supplements added to this new Blu-ray set. All of the extras are the same as they were on the original DVD or Blu-ray’s (the films). But we’ve gone this far, so here’s what to look for.

Sex and the City – Season One

  • Inside Sex and the City – A very brief “vintage” featurette that has some sound bites from Sarah Jessica Parker as well as Michael Patrick King. It’s nothing mind-blowing but something is better than nothing, right?

Sex and the City – Season Two

  • Meet the Cast of Sex and the City – As the name entails we get to meet some of the characters as described by the actors who play them. This one runs a bit longer at just a tad over eight minutes.

Sex and the City – Season Three

  • Audio Commentaries – “Easy Come, Easy Go”, “All or Nothing”, Running with Scissors” and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” by Michael Patrick King.
  • The Writers of Sex and the City – As the name entails, we meet some of the creative minds behind the show.
  • The Fashion of Sex and the City – Fashion is the name of the game and for those interested (and plenty are), we get a sneak peek at the look of the fashion in the show.
  • Sex and the City: Real New Yorkers – Some “real” New Yorkers are interviewed about the show and their comments on it.

Sex and the City – Season Four

  • Audio Commentaries – “The Good FIght”, Change of a Dress” and “I Heart NY” by Michael Patrick King.

Sex and the City – Season Five

  • Audio Commentaries – “Anchors Aweigh”, “Plus One is the Loneliest Number” and “I Love a Charade” by Michael Patrick King.
  • Behind the Scenes with Patricia Field – The show’s costume designer gives us the dish on all things fashion.

Sex and the City – Season Six: Part I

  • Audio Commentaries – “Boy, Interrupted” and “One” by Michael Patrick King.
  • Museum of TV and Radio Seminar Series – Sex and the City – On Oct. 1, 2003 the Museum of Television & Radio’s series brought them to Sex and the City. It’s hosted by Ron Simon as he’s joined by Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker and Michael Patrick King.

Sex and the City – Season Six: Part II

  • Audio Commentaries – “Splat!”, An American in Paris (Part Une)” and “An American Girl in Paris (Part Deux)” by Michael Patrick King.
  • Farewell Tribute 1
  • Farewell Tribute 2
  • USCAF Writer’s Panel Discussion
  • Alternate Series Finale Endings: 1 and 2
  • Deleted Scenes – 11 minutes’ worth

Sex and the City: The Movie

  • Audio Commentary – By director Michael Patrick King. If you listened to his tracks on the episodes (above) this is more of the same, just longer.
  • The Fabulous Fashion of Sex and the City
  • Fergie in the studio
  • Alternate Scenes 
  • The City

Sex and the City 2

  • Styling Sex and the City
  • Marry Me Liza!
  • Revisiting the 80’s
  • The Men of Sex and the City
  • Behind the Scenes with Alicia Keys

The Bottom Line

And that’s it. This might be the longest I’ve ever spent on a review, but damn if this wasn’t one I enjoyed. Let’s face it, if you’re a fan then this WILL be in your collection, if only for the improved picture quality and now it finally fills out that widescreen TV of yours. If you’re not, I doubt you’ve read this far.

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