Jackass Forever (Digital)

March 30, 2022 8 Min Read

Review by: Matt Brighton

Plot: What’s it about?

We’ve been subjected to Johnny Knoxville’s Jackass crew for the past two decades and I, for one, wouldn’t mind more. What started on MTV quickly progressed to the big screen and, in its wake, we’ve had some memorable moments along the way. Jackass 3 was the last movie and it came out in 2010. Yes, it’s been over a decade since we were subjected to these sophomoric hijinks. And I think we all missed them. Jackass Forever comes at the right time. The last few years the world’s been in a state of disarray and what we all needed was a movie like this. Knoxville’s crew is missing two key members: Ryan Dunn, who sadly was killed in a car accident in 2011 and Bam Margera, who had some well-publicized squabbles with the filmmakers. Technically Margera is in a few scenes, but you’ve really got to be looking. Personally, I didn’t miss his presence. We’ve also got some new members to the crew including the first female – Rachel Wolfson. And we’ve got another named “Poopies” just to name a few.

Welcome to Jackass.

Admittedly, there’s not much of a storyline to speak of. Providing you’re familiar with Jackass (and I’d assume anyone reading this is), it’s just a bunch of skits that involve these immature pranksters subjecting themselves to pain and torture all in the name of entertainment. There’s an early bit in which Johnny Knoxvile asks three male contestants some trivia questions. Get it right and all is well, get it wrong and they get smacked in the groin with a flip flop. Steve-O has a queen bee placed around his “manhood” which, of course, attracts more bees. “Danger Ehren” is strapped to an electric chair while a 800 lb. grizzly bear ponders whether or not to eat him. And even Knoxville himself is knocked unconscious after getting (once again) hit by a charging bull. Yes, “again.” The Jackass crew is older, but certainly not wiser. That makes it that much more fun to watch.

Several of the cast members have said that this is their last Jackass movie. Who’s to blame them? Several are now in their 50’s and the others are getting there. I don’t know that if the new generation introduced in this film could match the antics of the original crew. Jackass Forever finds the gang revisiting some older stunts as well as crafting a few new ones. The usual rules apply: damage to the genitals, showing someone vomiting (often members of the crew) and fart jokes seemingly never get old with this bunch. But we watch because, deep down, these guys are charming and seem to genuinely enjoy doing this stuff. At the end of the day, they might be a little worse for wear, but if they don’t mind then there’s no reason we can’t continue to enjoy their jack-assery.

Video: How’s it look?

Apart from the opening sequences, the Jackass films haven’t exactly been a spectacle of cinema (in the visual sense). By that, of course, I mean that the majority of the movies are done with handheld cameras that don’t really showcase what moviemakers are fully capable of. By and large, the 1.78:1 image makes full use of the screen and when you’re watching a man get shot out of a cannon or a man trying to kiss a snake – you’ll want every bit of real estate your television has to offer. And if seeing male genitalia is your thing, there’s no shortage of that. Granted, it’s been a decade since the last installment, so video quality has improved somewhat but, by and large, this looks on par with the other films. Colors are strong, detail is sharp and all the other usual caveats apply. Even as a “critic” I wasn’t watching this for technical merits.

Audio: How’s it sound?

Watching the movie via iTunes, we get a Dolby Atmos sound mix. But, you know what — it’s totally wasted. That’s not a knock on the movie itself, rather the Jackass films don’t need a dynamic audio track. Most of the action and sounds are totally naturalistic with the perpetual laughing and swearing by the onlookers as the only real use of audio. Granted, the opening sequence does sound good, but aside from that – this could have been a mono mix and it’d have been just as entertaining. So yeah, fire up those atmospheric speakers and prepare for them to be (mainly) unused. But that’s OK.

Supplements: What are the extras?

  • Deleted Scenes – An array of deleted scenes are included. I’m sure if they follow suit with the other Jackass films, we’ll have a Jackass Forever 4.5 (or something along those lines). These scenes included, speak for themselves, of course.
    • Tarantula Bite
    • Face Your Rear
    • Dark Shark and the Bear
    • Fire in the Hole
    • Broke Zach Mountain
    • Virtual Reality
    • Plug and Arrow
    • The Breakaway
    • Soccer Ball Surprise
    • Poopies Only Wipes Twice
    • Fire Extinguisher
    • Wee Man Throws Zach Under the Bus
    • Toiler Geyser
    • Telephone Pole (Susie)
    • Telephone Pole (Millie)
    • Telephone Pole (A.D.)

The Bottom Line

I shudder when I think of how many concussions, broken bones, bruises, scars and everything in between that the Jackass crew has given us over the last two decades. And they’ve done it all for the sake of entertainment. Let’s face it. You’re either going to watch this with a smile plastered to your face (like I did) or you have no interest in watching a bunch of late 40-something’s subject their bodies to life-threatening sequences. I suspect if you’re reading this, you’re in the prior camp. Jackass Forever gives us more of what we want and it’s not a big deal that we had to wait a decade for it.

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