Fruit Ninja Kinect (XBLA)

January 28, 2012 4 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

All fruit must die. Or at least be sliced into fine sections. Fruit Ninja Kinect, a port of the insanely popular mobile phone game, asks you to do just that to earn points and bragging rights. The premise is about as simple as games can be, you just move your hands and chop fruit. The target fruits are tossed into the air, then you have to slice and dice before they fall out of view, or risk losing those precious points. As you can probably guess since this is based on a phone game, Fruit Ninja Kinect is a pick up and play type experience, with rounds that last 60 seconds. While you will probably end up wanting to go multiple rounds in most situations, it is nice to be able to have so much fun with such a small time investment. But just try to not go one more round when you’re so close to beating out a friend’s top score. The kinetic fun of Fruit Ninja Kinect lets you get in some light cardio and have immense fun, not much else we could ask for.

But you say you don’t want to slice up fruit alone? No problem, because Fruit Ninja Kinect allows a second person to jump in and lend a hand (hopefully both). As fun as the game is solo, it is a blast to have a friend involved and the frantic race to slice it up can be a real rush. You’ll need a little more playspace than normal of course, but hey, this game is worth shifting some furniture around for, trust me. This co-op mode really adds value to Fruit Ninja Kinect and sets it apart from the phone version, which simply can’t match that kind of madcap fun. The only complaints I have are some minor detection issues, but they weren’t major and never impacted the play experience much. Some might bemoan the lack of depth, but Fruit Ninja Kinect is all about fast paced, action packed fun, which it delivers and then some. This is an ideal party game, as people will see it and want to get involved, while it is also designed to be fun for people of all ages. Fruit Ninja Kinect is pure and simple fun, the kind of game that might only ask for 60 seconds at a time, but you’ll invest countless hours into.

Video: How does it look?

The visuals here are bright and colorful, with frenetic movement that gets you lost in the experience. Even in the short play durations, the visuals really draw you in and are fun to watch, even if you’re not active. The high definition upgrade makes a sizable difference in how impressive the images are, so this looks much, much better than the phone version. Fun, bright, and colorful, this is just how Fruit Ninja Kinect should look.

Audio: How does it sound?

While the lack of music is a little odd, the various slices, dices, and chops all sound fine. After all, when you pop that fruit in two, you want to hear about it, right? So while the audio isn’t going to overpower your home theater, all the needed elements are here and in good form. I do wish there was some music, but aside from that, no complaints.

Supplements: What are the extras?


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