Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

January 28, 2012 3 Min Read

Review by: Matt Brighton

Plot: What’s it about?

Ace Ventura is Ace Ventura…Ace is a man who has hair like Cameron Diaz in “Somthing About Mary”, wears goofy hawaiin shirts, loves animals, always gets his man and somehow gets good-looking girls. With that being said…some of you may of heard of some guy named Jim Carrey. This was the first solo movie that he did. Admittadely, I didn’t see it in theatres, but wish I would have. This is a movie like “Austin Powers” that gained a lot of it’s momentum by word of mouth.

Ace Ventura is a (the only) pet detective in Miami (maybe anywhere). The Miami Dolphins mascot is kidnapped and Ace is eventually put on the case to recover it (him/her). But Ace also stumbles on to another crime that he believes is involved with the kidnapping.

Upon finding a championship ring, Ace is convinced that whoever’s ring is missing a stone is the one who kidnapped the dolphin “Snowflake”. Melissa (Courtney Cox, in a pre-“Friends” role) co-stars as the liasion between Ace and the Dolphins.

Things go amiss, people die and Carrey talks out of his ass, literally. This movie had me rolling so hard that I had to stop it and gasp for breath. In what was Carrey’s breakout performance, I believe that he has yet to top this role.

With a great supporting cast who includes: Ton-Loc, Sean Young and Dan Marino; this movie is not one to be missed!

Video: How does it look?

This disc was released as an initial Warner title. Much like “Caddyshack” and “The Bodyguard” this was released very long ago. Still, the full screen picture is not really that bad, but a nice new 16:9 widescreen transfer would make true fans very happy (me included).

Audio: How does it sound?

The box incorrectly labels this as Dolby Digital 5.1, or if it really is, I haven’t figured out how to access it. It is Dolby Surround, but sounds just fine. Dialogue is nice and clear and the goofy soundtrack sounds fine coming mainly out of the front speakers. Some surround effects are present, but none that make it all too outstanding.

Supplements: What are the extras?

A theatrical trailer, and a very funny director’s commentary, which reveals that Carrey did most of the scenes on an improv basis (who would have thought). Anyhow, this really does add to the disc’s value. Now if we can see about gettin a widescreen version listed…

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