Angel Cop

January 28, 2012 5 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

It seems like the wave of terrorist attacks in Japan will never stop, which means unless extreme measures are taken soon, things could go beyond any hope of resolution. The main problems are caused by a faction called the Red May, which has organized various attacks on those opposed to them. Whether the faction uses massive bombings or more specialized weapon attacks, a wake of death is left behind and no end seems to be in sight. As the country slips deeper into this assault, the Special Security Force, the best law enforcement agency in the government, has a plan that might cease the violence once and for all. The force unleashes their most potent agent, Angel and she is not the type of woman you want to mess with, that is for sure. Her beautiful exterior hides a lethal and brutal level of combat skills, so if her opponents look too long, they never even see defeat coming. But this is no ordinary case and even Angel won’t be able to sleepwalk to an end to the terrorism. When the terrorists begin to fall down before she even locks them into her sights, she knows someone is hunting these people as well. Can Angel discover who this other presence is and why they want to close down the Red May so badly, or will she become caught in the crossfire?

Man, do I ever love an ass kicking female character and in Angel Cop, that is just what we get and then some. Angel is a very sleek and effective creation, I was surprised with just how cool she was and how badass her actions were. I am no anime expert by any means, but I know what I like and this series was a lot of fun. I like wall to wall action in my anime and with Angel Cop, there’s never much of a lull in the action and I was never bored in the least. But the action doesn’t come at the expense of the storyline or characters, as we’re given a coherent and involved selection of those elements as well. So this isn’t simple mindless animated violence, there is a reason and story behind it all, so it makes sense. The style of animation used isn’t too advanced in my opinion, but I wasn’t let down by it and I think it suits the material very well. It might not be the sleekest animation I’ve seen, but it is more than adequate in the end. If you’re a fan of anime and you want some action packed material, then Angel Cop is more than worth a look. I think a rental will suffice is most cases, but if you want to purchase, this disc is worth the price tag if you ask me.

Video: How does it look?

Angel Cop is presented in a 1.66:1 widescreen transfer, which is not enhanced for widescreen televisions. This is a very nice presentation, no real flaws with the source materials and I saw no errors with the compression process either. The contrast is flawless, with stark black levels and no visible detail loss in the least. The colors look bright and rich when they need, while also fading somewhat when that is called for. So no matter how this film is supposed to look, you’ll see it just as you were intended to. I suppose the whole image could have been a little sharper, but this is still an above average transfer.

Audio: How does it sound?

This disc offers stereo tracks in both Japanese and English, so both camps are covered in the language portion of the disc. I prefer the Japanese track in this case, but whichever track you choose, the audio is good and suffers from no real problems. The music sounds good in both mixes, while the sound effects come across in distinct, rich form as well. The stereo format doesn’t allow for much range, but these tracks are good enough as far as stereo goes. The vocals are clean and crisp also, no troubles to talk about in the end. You can also enable English subtitles, just in case you might need them.

Supplements: What are the extras?

This disc contains no bonus materials.

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