Bacchanales Sexuelles

January 28, 2012 7 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

Valerie (Joelle Coeur) is a gorgeous young woman, but in the ways of love, her attentions are often called toward the female sex. So when her cousin asks her to watch his place while he takes a vacation, she agrees and makes plans to have some poontang delivered. With his place in her care for an entire six months, she and her girlfriend Sophie (Marie-France Morel) can indulge all of their desires and fantasies, without a concern in the world. But this realm of sexual freedom and total hedonism turns into a nightmare when in the still of the night, Sophie is taken by some cult members who have broken inside. Of course, she wasn’t supposed to be the one kidnapped, but as the members of the bizarre sex cult didn’t pay much attention, they snagged the wrong kidnap victim, poor old Sophie. It turns out that Valerie’s cousin belongs to this cult and he has some special photos of its clientele, ones that could land the other members in hot water, should the pictures fall into the wrong hands. So in an effort to keep the photos under wraps, the leader seeks to harass Valerie’s cousin, though it has started on a bad note. Now its up to Valerie and one of Sophie’s horny buddies named Fred (Alain Bastin), who must storm cult’s mansion, uncover the truth about Valerie’s cousin, and rescue Sophie from their evil clutches.

This is the kind of movie that makes DVD so special, as Bacchanales Sexuelles was never released here in America in its intended form, but thanks to the folks over at Synapse Films, we’re now given that version. Jean Rollin’s odd and wildly entertaining sex comedy was cut by around half an hour when released to American theaters, but in this release from Synapse, the film has been restored to its complete French cinematic version. This is a far cry from Rollin’s vampiric cinema, but he directs with skill and presence, crafting this visually charged erotic picture that has liberal doses of humor injected throughout. A couple of lesbians, a sex cult gone mad, a case of mistaken identity, and French maid, all of these elements and more can be seen in Bacchanales Sexuelles, plus even more madness and chaos. This one has a lot of naked bodies and not just bare breasts, the full assortment of goodies winds up on showcase. And as this was made in the 1970s, you don’t see too much of the naughtiest of naughty bits, thanks to the grooming habits (or lack thereof) of the time period. The sex scenes aren’t hardcore per se, but do get a little explicit, but then again, this is erotic cinema, after all. I found Bacchanales Sexuelles to be a fun, sexy movie and this restored edition, it is more than recommended to fans of erotic cinema.

Although best known for his efforts in the realm of vampire cinema, director Jean Rollin dabbled in other genres of film as well. As viewers of any of his movies should be able to see, Rollin used eroticism even in his vampire pictures, so it is no surprise that he made some movies based on erotic impulses. But with Bacchanales Sexuelles (a.k.a. Tout Le Monde En a Deux), Rollin crafted one of the most offbeat and wild erotic pictures of all time, one that wound up trimmed by over half an hour when it debuted in American cinemas. Rollin shows he can bring his visual flairs out of horror films and into the world of unusual sex comedies, but he also adds some atmosphere that just makes the movie seem off the wall. You can see his fingerprints in some sequences, but then in others, he seems to be using techniques exclusive to this project. In any event, Bacchanales Sexuelles represents a varied entry into Rollin’s resume and for fans of his work, there’s ample use of his trademark approaches. Other films directed by Rollin include Two Orphan Vampires, The Demoniacs, The Living Dead Girl, Lost in New York, The Grapes of Death, Sidewalks of Bangkok, and The Rape of the Vampire.

Video: How does it look?

Bacchanales Sexuelles is presented in a 1.66:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer. I was a little surprised with how good this treatment looks, as I didn’t expect much beyond a basic, decent visual presentation. The print has some light flaws at times, but looks very clean overall, with minimal grain, marks, or debris present. This is good, since no one wants to have grain or scratches obscure hot naked chicks, right? The movie’s bold color scheme is well preserved too, with vibrant colors that haven’t worn down much at all and with all the nude flesh on display, its important that flesh tones look natural also. The contrast is smooth and refined too, as even in the darkest scenes, black levels remain consistent and detail is superb. A terrific transfer from Synapse, who score high marks once again for giving a cult picture the deluxe treatment.

Audio: How does it sound?

The original French soundtrack is preserved here via a mono option, which is basic, but acceptable in all respects. The materials haven’t been ravaged by time too much, so hiss nor distortion prove to be a concern. The wild music comes through well too, which is good news indeed, because the musical soundtrack is very cool and adds a lot to the movie, especially whenever some lovin’ is on screen. No troubles on the dialogue side either, as vocals seem clean and crisp throughout the picture. This disc also includes English subtitles, which were retranslated and improved for this new extended version.

Supplements: What are the extras?

This disc includes no bonus materials.

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