Bad Girls Go To Hell/Another Day, Another Man

January 28, 2012 8 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

This is a double feature, so I will give a brief synopsis for each of the two films included. In Bad Girls Go To Hell we meet Ellen (Gigi Darlene), a young newlywed who is working around her apartment while her husband is at work. She’s cleaning up and what not and since she has no plans of leaving, she only has her nightgown on. When she decides to run the trash out real quick, she is grabbed the janitor and forced into his apartment. Once inside, he brutally rapes her and beats her, but when he tries for a second rape, he gets the horns. Ellen kills the man and in her panic, she leaves in a big hurry for the big city, where she hopes to hide out. Will she be able to escape the danger, or will she just find more abuse? Another Day, Another Man traces the path of Ann, who is faced with a very difficult decision indeed. She’s never approved of her friend Tess’ profession, but when her husband becomes ill and they need the money, she might have to enter the field herself. With bills piling up and time to pay them running out, Ann becomes a prostitute and while it does in fact take care of the bills, it also changes Ann in the end.

As if one great film from the folks at Something Weird Video wasn’t enough, now they’ve issued a disc with a double feature of terrific Doris Wishman movies! This disc includes the usual trailers and artwork gallery, but it also has some unique options to make your viewing experience a fun one. You can choose to take in a double feature of the films in a special drive in mode, which runs some intermission shorts and other stuff around the movies. This makes for a fun idea and I think it turns out well on this disc, let’s hope we see more of this in the future. As for the movies themselves, these are offbeat and entertaining efforts from legendary director Doris Wishman, who is well known for movies of this ilk. These aren’t the type of film to watch if you’re a stuffy character, but I think they’re great fun and genre fans will simply love this double feature. The movies are filled with lovely ladies, creepy guys, and of course, bare breasts and as such, make for an east recommendation. This disc is more than worth your time and money, with two solid films and some nice bonus features.

These films were written & directed by Doris Wishman, who held a mastery over this genre and made many excellent films within it. Wishman’s films range from roughies like these to nude cuties like Nude On The Moon, but I think if you like either of them, you’ll enjoy the others also. Wishman uses some unique and effective camera work in her films, with these two proving to be no exceptions. From extreme close ups to “girls sitting down” camera angles, Wishman’s style runs the gamut of variety, but it all weaves together very well in the end. Wishman always seems to have a handful of beautiful girls roaming through her films and this is true in these movies also, though the nudity is toned down from some of her other works. Here we see more scantily clad chicks, which is fine by me. If you want to see more of Wishman’s films I recommend Nude On The Moon, Double Agent 73, Deadly Weapons, Diary Of A Nudist, Blaze Starr Goes Nudist, and A Taste Of Flesh among others. The acting is decent enough in these films and the casts include Darlene Bennett (Instant Orgy), Tony Gregory, Barbie Kemp, Marlene Starr (The Sex Perils Of Paulette), and Gigi Darlene (Girls On The Rocks).

Video: How does it look?

Bad Girls Go To Hell & Another Day, Another Man are presented in full frame transfers, which preserve the original aspect ratio of the films. These are low budget films from the ’60s and as such don’t look perfect, but they do look very good in these new transfers. I found some debris and marks on both prints from time to time, but nothing extreme or too distracting. I also detected minimal compression flaws, with some minor edge enhancement being the only culprit to be seen. The black & white transfers looks sharp and well detailed, with no real problems I could discern. The balance is dead on and I noticed no detail loss, even in the darkest of sequences.

Audio: How does it sound?

I found no real problems with the included mono track and though it might not be memorable, it gets the job done in the end. No distortion or hiss is present, which is always a good sign with an older track like this one. The music sounds good and meshes well with the films, and like I mentioned above, no distortion can be found at all. The sound effects aren’t the type that explode or overpower the speakers, but they sound clear and distinct in this mix. The dialogue is the main element and it comes through well enough, no volume or clarity issues in the least.

Supplements: What are the extras?

A selection of promotional artwork from various Doris Wishman films is included, as well as a nice number of theatrical trailers for Wishman movies. I am pleased that both films on this disc have trailers included and felt the need to let you know that also, as sometimes bonus trailers replace the trailer for the featured film, but not in this case. You’ll also find some humorous drive in devices such a book pitch and intermission shorts. You can choose to view the films in a special drive in mode also, which interjects some of those elements into the double feature. Very cool!

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