Blue Streak: Special Edition

January 28, 2012 4 Min Read

Review by: Chad Estrella

Plot: What’s it about?

This movie is about a thief, Miles Logan, (Martin Lawrence) that has a team of four guys including himself and they steal a diamond worth about 13 million dollars. The greedy guy in the bunch, Deacon, (Peter Greene) kills one of them and goes after Miles to get the diamond. But the cops show up on the scene and Miles hides the diamond in a vent on a construction site before he is arrested by the police.

It is two years later and Miles is out of jail and now he returns to the site to get his diamond. It turns out that the construction site was for a new police station in downton Los Angeles. Miles is not too happy so he goes to his friend and he helps him make a fake badge so Miles can go into the police station and get his diamond. While Miles is in the vent system in the ladies restroom an escaped person tries to escape and Miles knocks him out and now the other police officers are on the scene so Miles is forced to introduce himself. He introduce himself as a transfered police officer from West Covina. Miles is assigned a partner, Carlson, (Luke Wilson) and they go out on the street and fight some crime together. Miles turns out to be a really good crime investigator and is promoted to the head of the department. Some of the guys at the station think he is Internal Affairs or even part of the FBI. Miles goes through a lot of chases and mishaps to get the diamond and even Deacon shows up to get the diamond that he feels belongs to him.

This is a fairly entertaining movie and I enjoyed some laughs here and there. This is a pretty good DVD package as well. I don’t really recommend purchasing this unless you are a big Martin Lawrence fan, but I would give it at least a rental. You should be able to find this over the internet for about $17 or about $20 at a Best Buy type store.

Video: How does it look?

This is a good looking 1.85:1 16×9 letterboxed transfer from the folks at Columbia Tri Star. They also supply the full screen version if that is what you prefer. The darks look very good throught the movie and I didn’t notice much of any negative artifacts or grain throughout the movie.

Audio: How does it sound?

This is also a good sounding soundtrack as well. The high speed chases sound pretty good and when the bullets are a flying the soundtrack envelops you into the shootout as well. The bass is fairly deep and the surrounds get a fair amount of attention in the action sequences.

Supplements: What are the extras?

You get two production featurettes here. One that seems to be exclusive for the DVD and another that was broadcasted on HBO. They both run about 23 minutes each. They are similar, but a little different. You also get three music videos by, Ja Z, Tyrese featuring Heavy D and So Plush featuring Ja Rule. They are all in 2.0 sound. You get some talent files and two theatrical trailers for Blue Streak (5.1 & 1.33:1) and Bad Boys. (2.0 & 1.33:1)

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