Butt-Ugly Martians: Best of the Bad Guys

January 28, 2012 5 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

An alien race has sent three agents to Earth, with the assignment to do nothing less than take over the planet. The orders were sent down by Emperor Bog, who demands that Earth be overtaken at all costs, though his three agents don’t share that perspective. Instead, Do-Wah, B-Bop, and 2T forge a plan to pretend to take over the world and in the process, have tons of fun, sing like there’s no tomorrow, and dance until dawn. To help keep Emperor Bog pleased, the agents send back fake video clips of chaos, destruction, and other invasion elements, which ensures that no additional troops will be sent in. But Emperor Bog’s right hand man Dr. Damage and a human named Stoat, who thinks he battles aliens often get in the way and complicate matters, though the trio of alien agents are always able to overcome. This disc from Universal sports three episodes, but they’re not in order, which is a let down. I would have rather seen season sets released, but for fans of the show, this is probably all you’re getting. Below is a list of the episodes and a brief synopsis on each.

Jax, The Conqueror- After being defeated by the martians before, an evil alien was banished by Emperor Bog, but now he’s back in the picture. He was beaten before, but he has begged Emperor Bog for another chance and the cruel leader agrees, sending him to help the martians in their bid to conquer Earth. Now the martians have to not only beat this alien once again, but do so without letting Bog find out the truth about their mission…

Bog’s Not So Dumb After All- This is a two part story, with both episodes combined into one on this release. As 2T has plans to upgrade BMK (Butt Kickin’ Mode, he has disabled it and begun work on the improvements. At the same time, Emperor Bog has grown more suspicious of the martians and is now convinced it is all a hoax. As such, he dispatches a team of baddies to invade Earth and he also captures the martians, to bring them to his ship. Can the martians get back on Bog’s good side, repair BKM, and save Earth from Bog’s invaders?

Video: How does it look?

The episodes are presented in full frame, as intended. The image looks sharper than on television, though I did note some jagged edges, though with this kind of animation, that’s to be expected. The colors look bright and bold, with no signs of errors, while contrast remains well balanced and effective also. The animation is rather crude in some respects, but has a solid, acceptable visual style, so no worries there.

Audio: How does it sound?

The audio here is solid, but sounds much like you’d expect from an animated television show, which is kind of limited. I did hear some moments of creative speaker use, but with all the audio potential this material has, it wasn’t enough. But since it sounds as good as it does on television, I don’t think we can complain too much and fans should be pleased, I think. The musical scenes sound clean and never restrained, while vocals are crisp and always easy to understand. Not as rich and immersive of a track as it could have been, but the audio is still acceptable. This disc also includes subtitles in English, Spanish, and French.

Supplements: What are the extras?

This disc includes a DVD ROM game demo, as well as some character files.

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