Crest of the Stars: Volume 2

January 28, 2012 5 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

As Jinto further explores his new lifestyle, he finds himself in more & more situations he doesn’t understand in the least. As an intense battle rages between a number of massive ships, Jinto Lafiel attempt to remain out of harm’s way. At the same time, more insight is taken in about the Abh and what the culture stands for, but the destruction and ruin from the battle has started to wear down those involved. Jinto and Lafiel are to warn the Empire about the pending invasions & attacks, but it won’t be a simple task, not by any means. Lafiel manages to whisk Jinto off before the sparks kick in, but even so, time is an issue and safety is not a lock, not in this kind of situation. A quick stop in the Febdash Territory allows the pair to refuel, as well as letting Lafiel get some special attention, while Jinto is ignored & dissed. As time passes and the clock starts to run low, can Jinto and Lafiel manage to complete their mission & warn the Empire of the incoming warriors, or will this stop prove to be their final destination?

After viewing the first volume in this series, I couldn’t wait to check out the next three episodes found on this second volume from Pioneer. As it turns out, the next three episodes offer an on-ramp to even more adventure and time passes, the series becomes more & more complex, which makes it impossible to stop watching, of course. The storyline picks up right where the last volume left off, so the pace is tight and minimal voids can be found. This is good news, I think, but it means you have to pay attention, as Crest of the Stars moves at a fast clip, to be sure. We learn more about the characters, the situations they’ve been in, and of course, more & more information on the Abh is revealed, though not too much. I had real doubts about the series being able to keep up the pace of the first volume, but I doubt no more, as these next three episodes not only equal the first four, but sometimes surpass them. I simply cannot wait to visit the next volume of Crest of the Stars, but of course, it will go by too fast almost, much like these episodes. If you’re a fan of anime and want a new series to explore, I highly recommend this one, it has great animation, a brisk pace, and a phenomenal storyline, great stuff indeed.

Video: How does it look?

The episodes are presented in full frame transfers, as intended. As the image on the first volume was less than stellar, I wasn’t sure what to expect here, but all of the problems have solved this time around. The colors look sharp and refined, with no unwanted effects present in the least, so breath a collective sigh of relief. Along the same lines, the contrast is rock solid and detail is always on the mark, thanks to well tuned black levels. I also saw no signs of the various compression flaws that plagued the first volume, these episodes look terrific!

Audio: How does it sound?

The audio performs much like it did on the first volume, which is good news, since the audio there was more than effective. You’ll find both Japanese & English language tracks and since the voice talent there is superior in all respects, I’d have to recommend the Japanese option. This plays much like a television mix would, but has more directional presence, with some good movement between the left and right channels. The vocals are clean and well presented also, with no real errors to mention here. This disc also includes optional English subtitles.

Supplements: What are the extras?

This disc includes some text information on the Abh, as well as the first textless end sequence.

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