Enemy Gold

January 28, 2012 7 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

In the course of the Civil War, a rather large cache of gold was hidden in a remote location, where it has since remained undiscovered. But that buried treasure could soon surface and make someone a ton of cash, though it doesn’t happen by mistake, not even close. Chris Cannon (Bruce Penhall), Mark Austin (Mark Barriere), and Becky Midnite (Suzi Simpson) are federal agents involved in a most important operation, one which deals with the illegal holdings of Carlos Santiago (Rodrigo Obregon), an international crime kingpin. But even when a raid goes exactly to plan and reveals some evidence, the trio of agents find themselves in the hot seat. The three agents are accused of using excessive force to pull off the stunning raid and the punishment is a suspension, which means Santiago’s dealings can continue. But these agents don’t plan to waste time sitting at home, instead they venture out into the bayous of Texas, where legend has it the massive stash of gold was buried so long ago. So the trek begins to reach the potential home of the treasure, but while they’re unaware of it, Santiago and his right hand woman Panther (Julie Strain) are right behind them. Can they defeat Santiago and uncover the gold, all while having as much sex as possible?

Another of babes & bombs filmmaker Andy Sidaris’ epics has reached DVD, this time around its Enemy Gold. Andy’s son Drew takes over as director in this installment, but all the goodies remain and he brings nothing new to the franchise. In other words, you’ll see plenty of action scenes, explosions, gun battles, and of course, ample naked women, including Julie Strain (The Rowdy Girls, Heavy Metal 2000), who amps up in any picture. The production values are on the same level as Sidaris’ other efforts and that means solid, but you can tell funds were somewhat limited, as the stunt sequences suffer at times. Even so, the action scenes look better than independent productions can offer and within the framework of the movie, the limitations never pose much of an issue. In the end however, Enemy Gold isn’t as much as fun as some of Sidaris’ other releases, such as Malibu Express and Savage Beach. It has all the usual elements, with the bullets, bombs, and babes, but it just lacks the scope and fun levels of other Sidaris productions. I do think the lineup of ladies is impressive however, with Strain, Suzi Simpson, Tai Collins, and a few other gorgeous females present and in the buff. As I said, Enemy Gold is not at the top of the Sidaris productions, but if you’re a fan of the franchise, its a solid pick and is recommended.

Video: How does it look?

Enemy Gold is presented in a full frame transfer. The image here is rather impressive, with a very clean and polished texture, thanks in part to an excellent source print. With no grain, marks, or debris, the image is allowed to shine and is never held back and of course, the result is the best edition of this movie to land on home video. I found colors to be vivid and never out of the proper scope, while the ample flesh on display looks natural also, an important thing in a movie like Enemy Gold, of course. The black levels look refined and well balanced also, so no detail loss is present and shadows never looked muddled. In the end, a terrific looking visual presentation for a movie I never thought could look this good.

Audio: How does it sound?

As this movie is loaded with explosions, gunfights, and stunt sequences, the included soundtrack is a bit of a let down. But while a new surround remix would have enhanced the experience, I’m not sure the financial risk was a worthwhile one, so I understand why no mix was created here. The elements do seem a little restrained, but still come off well and provide adequate presence, so no serious problems arise. The music is clean and well placed within the mix, while dialogue is crisp and always at the proper volume balance. Not as action packed as I would like, but a good, basic mix that covers the material’s needs.

Supplements: What are the extras?

The extras begin with an introduction by Andy Sidaris and Julie Strain, which features some brief comments from Sidaris, as well as Strain’s gorgeous breasts. Next is an audio commentary with Sidaris and his wife Arlene, in which the couple recalls all kinds of inside information, from locations to cast members and beyond. I’ve enjoyed each of the sessions with these two very much, as we don’t often get to hear from the filmmakers of these kind of pictures. A special look behind the scenes is also included, as we’re guided through the process of a Sidaris production. A look at how action scenes are done, as well as more intimate ones, starts us off, then we’re taken for a more general behind the curtain look. This disc also includes a Julie Strain photo shoot, interviews with cast members, still photos, and trailers for this and other Sidaris produced releases.

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