Evil Spawn

January 28, 2012 5 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

Lynn Roman (Bobbie Bresee) has become a little long in the tooth, at least when it comes to being a movie starlet. Her skills as a performer aren’t too impressive, but she is convinced it is her age, not her lack of talent that costs her the good roles. At the same time, a scientist (John Carradine) is doing an experiment on the aging process, involving some microbes from Venus, brought back after a space mission. But he dies before the research is complete, leaving his assistant behind to finish the work. She decides to test the formula on a real life subject, with Lynn as the perfect choice. So Lynn is injected with the serum and she thinks with her enhanced persona, those important roles will be a snap. But when she is still pushed aside in the casting process, she loses it and then the formula causes a change in her, as she transforms in a hideous monster. With her new powers, she takes aim on those who passed her over and of course, whittles them down one by one. Will anyone stop this blood soaked tirade, or will she kill everyone in her path, until all of the movie business is demolished?

Big Monsters, big boobs, big trouble! With a call line like this one, you know Evil Spawn has a lot to offer, at least to low budget horror fans. No, Evil Spawn is not a true classic of cinema, but it has some hilarious moments, rubber monsters, and breasts, which can sometimes be enough. You’ll see more continuity errors than ever before, even massive ones that you can’t imagine how they slipped through, including some horrid audio sync disasters. But those errors offer plenty of laughs and since director Kenneth J. Hall (The Alien Within) & team knew this wasn’t a masterpiece, I won’t be as hard on them as I would a mainstream picture. Add in some nice, low rent gore effects and a set of big jugs, and we’re on the path to a fun & worthwhile B horror flick. I don’t think Evil Spawn will win any new fans to the world of low rent horror, but it has enough good moments to please current genre lovers. So if you’re at all interested in yuppie arm removal or Bobbie Bresee (Starslammer), then give Alien Spawn a look, but don’t even try to count all the mistakes.

Video: How does it look?

Evil Spawn is presented in a 1.85:1 widescreen transfer, which is not enhanced for widescreen televisions. The image here reflects the low budget origins of the movie, including the low grade film stock used. There’s some grain to be seen and the image is quite soft, but the print looks clean otherwise, in terms of debris and such. The softness lowers the color and contrast impact, but not to an extreme degree, I don’t think. This is better than any version I’ve ever seen, so fans should find this visual effort to be welcome, though quite flawed.

Audio: How does it sound?

You won’t want to use this to showcase your home theater, but the included audio option is stable, so no real complaints. The materials seem a little dated and the low budget roots can be heard, but on the whole, this is a more than solid effort. Aside from the obvious sound sync errors, which have always been present, there’s no issues to report, as sound effects and dialogue seem in order, I think. This isn’t the crispest track I’ve heard, but it is more than sufficient and never falters much, so I think deserves an average or perhaps just above average score.

Supplements: What are the extras?

This disc includes a behind the scenes featurette, some outtakes, the story of how the monster was created, the film’s trailer, a new episode of Fred Olen Ray’s Nite Owl Theater, and some humorous Nite Owl bloopers.

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