Film Fest #4

January 28, 2012 6 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

This is the fourth release in this DVD magazine series and if you want to see more about this release, check out the website at This release sports interviews, film shorts, and all sorts of other content. It’s like having a living, breathing magazine on disc and makes for a worthwhile way to spend some time. The content is divided into four sections, which I will detail below.

Featured Articles
1. Sundance In Seconds- This is a terrific piece which allows us to see inside the Sundance 2000 festival. We meet stars and filmmakers and hear from them in interview clips. If you tap your subtitles button you can see some informative texts which help give insight into what you’re seeing. Some text notes are also included.

2. Hawaii- This is a piece that explores another film festival, this time on the beautiful islands of Hawaii. This one mirrors the Sundance piece and contains interviews with stars, locals, and filmmakers. Once again informative subtitles and text notes have been included.

3. Surfing For Life- This is a look at the film by the same name as the title and offers interviews with those involved. You’ll learn about how the film came together and how those involved feel it turned out. Those wacky and informative subtitles are back, as are the text notes.

Short Films
1. Call Me Fishmael- This is an animated short which features a stick man as he pitches his idea of a perfect movie. This is very funny and you can choose an alternate audio track and production notes as well.

2. Enchanted- This is a black and white short that involves a young man and the woman he wishes to date, but doesn’t have the courage. An alternate audio track and production notes are included.

3. Protest- This is a beautiful animated piece which features a plea to save the elephants. I think this is my favorite of the shorts and it includes production notes and an alternate audio track.

4. Jorge- This black and white short follows a young black man as he walks through a day of his life. You’ll once again find production notes and an alternative audio track.

1. Nick, Nathan, And Emily- This piece involves Alan Rudolph, Nathan Lane, Nick Nolte, and more. Bonus pieces include “Burying Breakfast of Champions” and “Mr. Lane Goes To Sundance.”

2. Johnny Rotten- This is an interview with the legend of punk rock and makes for an interesting listen. Bonus pieces include “A Punk In The Snow” and “Young Hollywood.”

3. Heather Graham & Committed- This piece showcases the cast of the film Committed and is fun to watch. Bonus piece included is “Lost In A Space.”

4. Brenda Blethyn- This is a solid and informative interview which fans should like. Bonus piece includes “Being Billy Bob.”

5. Dave Foley- This is a hilarious interview with comedian Dave Foley. Bonus pieces include “Phil Hartman” and “Kids Will Be Kids.”

Coming Soon
1. Six Days In Roswell- This is a very humorous trailer that I am pleased was included.

2. Human Traffic- You’ll find two clips and some production notes for this interesting picture.

3. Mariposa- Three clips and some production notes have been included for this one and it seems to be worth a look.

4. Fest-Cam 360′- This features works only your DVD ROM, which I didn’t have the chance to explore.

Video: How does it look?

Since this is a collection of pieces you’ll find some variance in image quality, but I find on the whole this is a strong visual presentation. This transfer shows few signs of compression artifacts, which means some care was taken with this disc. The colors seem bold and flesh tones look natural and I didn’t see any distortion or bleeding. The contrast is also solid and sports deep shadows and high visible detail levels.

Audio: How does it sound?

Just as with the video, the audio varies from clip to clip but comes out solid in the end. The surrounds aren’t used much, but the material doesn’t need them to be so it’s all good. I never heard any serious errors or hiss in the material, so no real complaints to be made. The music sounds good, the effects come across well, and the dialogue is crisp and clean at all times.

Supplements: What are the extras?

Interviews are sprinkled throughout the menus and you can hear from Robert Redford, Kevin Smith, Kevin Spacey, Justin Kerrigan, and more.

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