Forces of Nature

January 28, 2012 4 Min Read

Review by: Chad Estrella

Plot: What’s it about?

This movie is about Ben Holmes (Ben Affleck) who is going to Savannah to get married and his adventure on the way. His grandfather had a heart attack at his bachelor party so his wife (Maria Tierney) takes a flight a day earlier than Ben. Ben gets to the airport and on his flight to Savannah he sits next to Sarah Lewis. (Sandra Bullock) The plane doesn’t make it off the runway due to a bird flying into the engine and crashing into a billboard. Ben has to get to his wedding tomorrow evening and there are no cars to rent so Ben and Sarah get a ride with a guy name Vic.

On their venture they are pulled over and Vic is arrested for possession of marijuana. Ben and Sarah are released and they go to buy a train ticket, but Ben insists that they sit separately. The train stops to dock up with a few cargo cars and Ben and Sarah who were on the top of the train end up in the cargo train headed for Chicago and must now find a way back to Savannah. They jump off the moving train at the next station and head to a bus depot. All of the buses are booked so they board a bus with elderly couples looking to buy land headed for Miami. Ben and Sarah pose as a married couple and the lies don’t stop there. The movie continues to show their adventure as they try to get to Savannah in time for Ben to get married and for Sarah to sell her Bagel shop.

This was a pretty good movie that did its job in making you laugh now and then and somewhat understand the chemistry and conflicts between Ben and Sarah. Anything bad that could happen when traveling happened to this couple. Everything went wrong and when they though they caught a break something just flat out jumped out and slapped them in the face. This is worth a rent and although I wouldn’t recommend a purchase I’m sure you can find it for about $23 somewhere on the internet if you choose to do so.

Video: How does it look?

This was a good transfer of the movie. The picture is clear and no negative noise or artifacts that I noticed. The color mood of the movie is a bit red at times and although it isn’t bad it is noticeable.

Audio: How does it sound?

The 5.1 Dolby Digital soundtrack was surprisingly active for a romantic comedy. The front sound stage was wide and the subwoofer received some attention, but nothing earth shaking. The rear speakers remained fairly quiet throughout the movie though.

Supplements: What are the extras?

The only thing missing here is an audio commentary and I have rarely heard a good one so I didn’t miss it much. You get some deleted scenes that are interesting even though only one was really deleted while the others just had some dialogue changed a bit. There is also a theatrical trailer, production notes, cast and crew biographies and a featurette.

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