Good Guys Wear Black

January 28, 2012 4 Min Read

Review by: Craig Zaffaroni

Plot: What’s it about?

Chuck Norris plays John T. Booker who is a former leader of a covert CIA assault team called “The Black Tigers.” During the end of the Vietnam War the Tigers were sent behind enemy lines to rescue a group of POW’s but instead found themselves fighting for their lives. Some men were lost and the rendevous chopper didn’t show up. They were set-up but were able to make it out on their own. A few years later back in the U.S., Booker is approached by a mysterious woman named Margaret (Anne Archer) who seems to know some highly confidential information about that failed Black Tiger rescue mission. Along with this, the surviving members of the Black Tigers are being knocked off one by one. Why are they being killed and what’s the connection with future Secretary ! of State Conrad Morgan? (James Fran)

This film was directed by Ted Post who also directed the Dirty Harry film “Magnum Force” and “Beneath The Planet Of The Apes.” This was one of Chuck Norris’ earlier films before his “Missing In Action” and “Delta Force” films. This was made in 1977/78 and it’s not as action packed as his later films. This has more of a slower pace and plays more like a political conspiracy drama/thriller with a little action thrown in. There is some gunplay in the first half hour, but the pace slows down from there. There is quite a bit of talking and a few assorted fight and chase scenes that don’t equal what happened in the first half an hour. Also, the ending doesn’t equal the action of the beginning. Depite this I still somewhat enjoyed this due to story and presence of Chuck Norris and Anne Archer. While Norris wasn’t as good in this as his other films, he ! still did a decent job. The supporting cast did a decent job as well

Video: How does it look?

Good Guys is presented in a 1.85.1 aspect ratio and is 16×9 enhanced. The picture quality looks pretty good. The colors look fine on here and I didn’t notice any bleeding at it was sharp but not to the extent of a newer film. There was a some grain during a nighttime action scene at the beginning of the movie. That scene also lacked a little in sharpness. There where some white specks in the picture but nothing distracting. Despite these things, I thought it was a decent transfer and better than I expected.

Audio: How does it sound?

The audio is a 2-channel mono track that is clear and you can hear the dialogue and everything else. It’s not an explosive track, in fact the bass hardly gets any use. However, it’s allright for what it is. There are also English, French, and Spanish subtitles available.

Supplements: What are the extras?

There is nothing here but cast and crew bios that are allright. It wouldv’e been nice to see at least a trailer, but I wasn’t expecting alot in terms of extras on this disk. Overall this disk has a decent visual and audio presentation but not to the extent of a newer DVD release. The film was enjoyable but not as much as Chuck Norris’ other films. Norris fans might want to give this a rent, while fans of more modern action movies might find this dull and uneventful.

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