Leroy & Stitch

January 28, 2012 5 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

Lilo and her alien pal Stitch have faced countless dangers, but braved those dangers and took down numerous intergalactic baddies. Even when chaos and certain doom unfolded, the two friends were able to make things work out for the best. As a thanks for all of their hard work and courageous actions, they are given special honors by the Galactic Federation. Not just Lilo and Stitch either, but Jumba and Pleakly also, since they’ve been an immense help at times also. The Galactic Federation even offered Stitch the role of captain on his own flagship in the Galactic Armada, a most esteemed honor. But he refused and instead, chose to return to Hawaii and remain with his best friend Lilo. But Lilo knows that while Stitch loves her and wants to be at her side, he longs to accept that invitation. So when she insists, Stitch and the others blast off to protect the galaxy, but can even they fight off the evil that awaits?

Ok, I loved the original Lilo & Stitch movie, it was a Disney animated feature, but it broke the mold and stood out as fresh and unique. It had high points and low points, like any movie, but Lilo & Stitch was a breath of fresh air and a pleasure to watch. Then in true Disney fashion, the franchise was cashed in, with direct to video sequels and television series, plus the usual merchandise elements. Over the course of those actions, all the unique edge was drained out and those follow ups just weren’t the same. Now we have Leroy & Stitch and the question is, would the magic return? The answer, is no. This plays like an extended episode of the television series, dull and rather basic, with no cinematic texture. This doesn’t feel like a movie project at all, so if you dislike the show, you’ll hate this sequel. This is as retread and recycled as a movie can be, which is a true shame, considering how original the first film was. I wanted this to be great or even good, with a little of the spark the original had, but instead, we’re handed this disaster. The movie was a little better toward the end, but not that much and in the end, I can’t even recommend this waste of time as a rental.

Video: How does it look?

Leroy & Stitch is presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen. This is a great visual treatment, with no real room for complaints. I voiced my disappointment over the animation already, so no need to refocus on that here. The image looks as good as we could want, with a clean print and a sharp overall presence. The detail level is excellent, but due to the simplistic animation used, depth is never allowed to be that impressive. I found colors to be bright and pleasant, while contrast is smooth and consistent as well. Not much else we could demand here, so a great looking visual effort from Disney on this one.

Audio: How does it sound?

The sound design on this film is rather limited, outside of the musical numbers, but Disney has spared no expense in this presentation. We have 5.1 soundtracks in both Dolby Digital and DTS, a decision sure to delight audio minded fans. As I said before, the movie lacks the kind of sound design to take full advantage of the lavish audio treatment, but for what we do have here, it couldn’t sound much better. The musical numbers have a rich, full presence and from the vocals to the instruments, all the elements sound terrific. The audio is calmer in most other scenes, aside from some sparks of life in the more action driven sequences.

Supplements: What are the extras?

All we have here is an interactive game and a never before seen episode of the television show, not much to be excited about.

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