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Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

Pervirella (Emily Bouffante) is a gorgeous young woman with large breasts, pink hair, and a sex drive with no mortal limits. The latter is due not to her natural state, but to a lustful demon that inhabits her and she is helpless to restrain the beast, except for a magical, but often unreliable amulet she wears. Whenever the lust fueled powers overtake the amulet’s hold, Pervirella turns into a sex fiend and whomever she happens to run into, she drops the linens and starts at it right there, without a second thought. This might sound like a good idea to the males involved, but Pervirella’s sex is not as sweet as most, more like lethal. But the men still try their hand at satisfying her urges, though none come even close to that destination. Her future seems bleak unless she can manage to overpower these demonic sexual powers, but there is little hope of that coming to pass, in truth there was only one chance. She must embark on an epic journey across the globe, in search of the elixir of life and that will restore her to normal. But can she control her urges long enough to uncover it, or will she be at the mercy of the demonic forces forever?

This is one of those rare films that seems to have it all, fetishism, outlandish costumes, countless naked breasts, hilarious monsters, massive orgies, buckets of blood, lesbianism, and of course, Emily Bouffante (Sacred Flesh, Cradle of Fear). Yes, Pervirella is a movie with a mission and if you’re a fan of outrageous sexually charged madness, then it more than delivers. You won’t want to watch this one if you’re a prude however, as it contains a whole lot of sex, blood, and rock music. The sex is really the most dominant element in Pervirella, with a lot of naked women, lustful orgies, and even some lesbian action, but it is not all you’ll find here. I think the movie has a lot of humor and while not all of it is intentional, it enhances the experience and adds to the fun, which is never a bad thing with a flick like this one. The makeup, costumes, and monster magic are all colorful and fun to watch, but you can tell this was made on a tight budget, but once again, this never hinders the picture, more to the opposite, I think. I recommend Pervirella to fans of offbeat cult movies and perhaps if this one sells well enough, we’ll see Cradle of Fear released on DVD, which has the same director and also stars Bouffante.

Video: How does it look?

Pervirella is presented in a 1.66:1 widescreen transfer, which is not enhanced for widescreen televisions. It is hard to judge this treatment, as this was a low budget movie shot on less than ideal film stock, so it was sort of doomed from the start. I do think this transfer is about as good as possible, but even with some leeway, the condition of the material forces me to lower the score a shade. The print has a lot of grain present and that lessens the other elements, though never to an extreme degree. If you’ve seen a few low budget cult flicks before, you’ll know about what to expect here, I think. The colors come through well and while contrast is a little stifled by the grain, it remains solid, so no worries there. I am scoring this one with some extra kindness, as this had to be hard to transfer, given the limitations of the material involved.

Audio: How does it sound?

A basic, but more than effective audio track is included, though it doesn’t light up the speakers like I had hoped. I think a full surround mix might have liven up the events, especially the musical score, but all things considered, this mix is adequate. The vocals sound clean and clear throughout, while sound effects are well placed and as lively as the format allows, which is about all we can ask, I think. This mix won’t dazzle your ears, but it handles the material and in this case, that’s good enough.

Supplements: What are the extras?

This disc includes some talent files, a selection of production notes, production stills, and a collection of photos featuring Emily Bouffante.

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