The Arrival/Arrival II

January 28, 2012 3 Min Read

Review by: Eric Alan

Plot: What’s it about?

They came, I mean they arrived, twice.

They shaked, they baked.

Uninvited and with a very bad attitude.

Its alien invasion time again…and it comes in twos this time.

The Arrival I & II bundled on one DVD. These are not great movies….not by any stretch of the imagination. Even Alien mind control and funky holograms could not convince most people of this. But as a lower rent version of John Carpenter’s “They Live” [a film that alternately comes to my mind as brilliant or just plain bad] they do offer some fun entertainment. And one is more fun than Part 2…but then Part II can be considered free. I think Charlie Sheen must have been in jail at the time of the shoot and the producers couldn’t afford to bail him out.

All of this said, the films do entertain.

Part 1 with Charlie Sheen is more of a mystery…a scientist who discovers and unravels a mystery and an alien conspiracy. Part 2 places Patrick Muldoon in the role of a slacker computer programmer who is sent a package by his half brother [Charlie Sheen’s character] and in a more “Fugitive” like mode its his chase to stop the invasion while the Aliens try to stop him. At his side is a ambitious lady reporter with a role written and performed as badly as any Sondra Locke role [remember when Client Eastwood was sleeping with her and thought she could act].

But, again, with expectations low, they will entertain. And it is two for the price of one. And I have yet to see the full “V” series on DVD and have watched “Body Snatchers” too many times so these are good movies to have around.

Video: How does it look?

There isn’t too much to it, but the nice and simple effects and cinematography are accurately rendered.

Audio: How does it sound?

Sound in many sequences is very effective so crank it up…you’ll feel the wind scream.

Supplements: What are the extras?

Well, there are TWO movies on this disk. Unfortunately nothing more. As a grade B- movie they should have put some extra attention and bonuses in like commentary, documentary or deleted scenes.

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