The Corruptor: Platinum Series

January 28, 2012 4 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

Sometimes it’s hard not to give away too much of the movie during a review so I am making a different approach. The Corruptor has about everything want in action/drama such as good cops, really bad cops, Chinese street gangs, Tongs, double crosses, double double crosses, morality conflicts, and salvation. What, that’s not enough, how about shootouts, wild car chases, suspicion, graft, more shootouts and the stark realism of China Town in New York City. To find out what order they come in and who is involved in what and how it ends is your job, and if you’re like me you will take your job seriously and watch…and listen…carefully. I “pity the fool” who tries to take this DVD from my rack.

Even though I seldom go to theaters, sometimes I make an exception…The Matrix was one…I was going to see The Corruptor but didn’t quite make it…my mistake. The Replacement Killers was my first glimpse of Chow Yun-Fat and was impressed with his style in front of the camera. He is an icon in his homeland and his list of movie credits is most impressive and I’m sure he is going to be really big here. Not to be confused with a Jackie Chan “type” Chow Yun-Fat is a true actor with many facets and characters that will be seen in future films. Mark Wahlberg is another new talent who seems to be a natural in front of the camera who has risen from underwear billboards and music videos to movies with surprising success. I will look to see some great performances from him in the future.

Video: How does it look?

Enhanced Widescreen, killer locations and great camera work make this DVD release a real gem. There is an aerial camera shot panning New York City that is used as a segue between many scenes that is very distinctive…excellent direction by James Foley (At Close Range).

Audio: How does it sound?

You have to wait a bit…25 seconds…for the movie to hit you with some solid sounds and I mean solid. The more the movie played the more I tweaked the volume. Great blending of every channel in 5.1 and the soundtrack uses the subwoofer extensively but accurately. This movie is an audio experience as much as a visual one and combining the two makes for a great evening of entertainment.

Supplements: What are the extras?

As if I haven’t said enough about The Corruptor I’m really just getting started. The extra features on this disc could be and should be used as a template for other directors and producers. The feature length commentary by James Foley is just what die-hard movie buffs love to see and it’s not the only one. You can isolate the soundtrack and watch the movie with music only and no dialogue and listen to Carter Burwell tell you how and why he picked the music for every scene. The movie starts in 5.1 by default but go to the audio options anyway to see the most original menus I’ve ever seen on a DVD. All the special feature menus are in this format. I could sit and talk to a fellow enthusiast for a couple of hours about the movie and the behind the scene insight provided on this release. Theatergoers would only see a great movie but DVD watchers are privy to the complete package.

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