Tag: 1973

The Way We Were (Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray)

During post-WWII McCarthyism, a diametrically opposed couple come together only to find

blurayauthority October 18, 2023

The Exorcist: 50th Anniversary Edition (Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray)

When a young girl is possessed by a mysterious entity, her mother

blurayauthority September 14, 2023

Enter the Dragon (Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray)

A Shaolin martial artist travels to an island fortress to spy on

blurayauthority August 7, 2023

The Sting (Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray)

Following the murder of a mutual friend, aspiring con man Johnny Hooker

blurayauthority June 2, 2021

A Touch of Class (Blu-ray)

In this beautifully-constructed comedy of errors, a married insurance executive can't seem

blurayauthority January 20, 2020

The Homecoming (Blu-ray)

In a dreary North London flat, the site of perpetual psychological warfare,

blurayauthority October 10, 2019

Shaft in Africa (Blu-ray)

The third entry in the Shaft series. This time the tough New

blurayauthority July 8, 2019

Cleopatra Jones (Blu-ray)

Tamara Dobson stars as Cleopatra Jones in Jack Starrett's blaxploitation programmer that,

blurayauthority April 12, 2019

The Satanic Rites of Dracula (Blu-ray)

In London in the 1970s, Scotland Yard police investigators think they have

blurayauthority December 6, 2018

Torso (Blu-ray)

A string of appalling lust murders shocks the University of Perugia as

blurayauthority November 26, 2018