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Black Adam (Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray)

Nearly 5,000 years after he was bestowed with the almighty powers of

blurayauthority December 22, 2022

Jungle Cruise (Blu-ray)

Based on Disneyland's theme park ride where a small riverboat takes a

blurayauthority November 11, 2021

The Commuter (Blu-ray)

In this action-packed thriller, Liam Neeson is Michael, an insurance salesman, whose

blurayauthority May 1, 2018

The Shallows (Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray)

Young surfer Nancy (Blake Lively) travels to a secluded beach in search

blurayauthority September 21, 2016

Run All Night (Blu-ray)

Brooklyn mobster and prolific hit man Jimmy Conlon (Neeson), once known as

blurayauthority June 12, 2015

Non-Stop (Blu-ray)

Plot: What's it about? I hate airplanes. I really do. Don't get

blurayauthority May 27, 2014

Unknown (Blu-ray)

Plot: What's it about? In recent years I've become much more of

blurayauthority January 28, 2012

Orphan (Blu-ray)

Plot: What's it about? When I received "Orphan" in the mail, I

blurayauthority January 28, 2012

House of Wax

Plot: What's it about? Two things popped into my head when I

blurayauthority January 28, 2012