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The Incredible Hulk (Blu-ray)

Mild-mannered scientist Bruce Banner has been traveling the globe in search of

blurayauthority April 24, 2018

The Brothers Grimsby (Blu-ray)

A working-class British soccer hooligan (Sacha Baron Cohen) discovers that his long-lost

blurayauthority June 16, 2016

Now You See Me (Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray)

A team of talented illusionists called "The Four Horsemen" (played by Jesse

blurayauthority June 1, 2016

Now You See Me (Blu-ray)

Plot: What's it about? I've always been somewhat taken by magic.  I'm

blurayauthority September 9, 2013

The Incredible Hulk (Blu-ray)

Plot: What's it about? When the first Hulk film arrived in theaters

blurayauthority July 9, 2013

Clash of the Titans (2010 – Blu-ray)

Plot: What's it about? It's amazing what the human mind can recall.

blurayauthority January 28, 2012

The Transporter 2 (Blu-ray)

Plot: What's it about? Frank Martin (Jason Statham) is a man who

blurayauthority January 28, 2012

Unleashed (HD DVD)

Plot: What's it about? I'll be the first to admit that I've

blurayauthority January 28, 2012