Babyface (Blu-ray)

February 17, 2017 6 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

Dan (Dan Roberts) spends his days working hard down at the docks, until his life is thrown into chaos. One day while hard at work, Dan spots two young ladies milling about. He notices one of the girls has skinned her knee, so of course he informs her that he has medical supplies inside. Her friend protests and promises to tell her mother, but the injured girl Priscilla (Lynn Cuddles Malone) follows Dan inside. Once inside, Dan is determined to care for her wound and then some, helping her take off her clothes and soon, the two are engaged in a literal roll in the hay. Right after they finish, Priscilla’s mother (Molly Seagrim) arrives with a police officer in tow. The officer chases Dan away from Priscilla, then fires a shot at the dock worker, which causes Dan to fall into the water and drift off with the current. They assume he is dead, but in fact, Dan is soon rescued by two women who “nurse” him back to health and help find work, as a male escort. He is now part of The Training Area, where a troupe of men serve to satisfy every women who can afford the club’s price. It would seem as if Dan’s luck has changed for the better, but soon he hears about a vicious customer known as The Nutcracker…

Whenever there is talk about the best adult cinema, Babyface is bound to be part of the conversation. Vinegar Syndrome has delivered this Alex deRenzy classic in the uncut, uncensored version. Finding the full length materials was no easy task, but the label has really done genre fans a favor here. The movie has everything you could want from adult cinema and then some, including that element we never see these days, a plot. It is a wild, awkward, and over the top storyline that never fails to entertain and is proof you don’t need to fast forward between sex scenes. The main arc is Priscilla’s mother looking for revenge on Dan for befouling her precious daughter, but there’s a lot more than that going on. The female run, all male sex worker brothel is a unique twist and the movie takes the time to let you get to know the various clients and workers involved. This allows for a wide scope of interests, scenarios, and fetishes, with enough depth that everyone should find something they’re into here. This is not clinical, artificial erotica like we see these days, but a more natural, free style. For better or worse, as I am sure some elements of the sexual experience are things some folks would rather not see. This is just a wild, free wheeling kind of experience that you can the cast had a lot of fun and audiences responded with lasting approval. The nature of the movie is going to alienate some viewers, but if you’re open to adult cinema, Babyface is well worth a look.

Video: How’s it look?

Babyface is presented in 1.85:1 widescreen. This version was restored from vault elements and looks excellent, save a few trouble spots. A disclaimer warns that this was the only known uncut print and it had suffered some water damage, but they chose to let the film remain complete. Those flaws prove to be no big deal and a small price to pay to get such a classic available in the intended uncensored format. Otherwise the print looks fantastic and displays a warm, detail rich picture. Not scrubbed to death, the print is allowed to breathe and the image looks great as a result. You’ll be able to see more detail on these folks than you ever probably want to.

Audio: How’s it sound?

The original mono soundtrack is used and sounds just fine. The music is of course very cool and comes through well, setting the mood nicely when called on. The dialogue is clear and never gets lost in the mix, so all of the moans, groans, and one liners are totally audible. The rest of the audio is fine as well, but not going to rock the house or whatever. Overall this is a clean, clear track that covers all the basics quite well.

Supplements: What are the extras?

This release includes an in depth audio interview with star Molly Seagrim, as well as Alex deRenzy’s short film Parochial Passion Princess.

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