Home: Party Edition (Blu-ray)

August 6, 2015 8 Min Read

Review by: Matt Brighton and Matt Malouf

Plot: What’s it about?

There are some movies that I can admire and appreciate, but still get little enjoyment from. Usually it’s with more adult oriented films, but I sometimes get that feeling from animated films as well. Home is one example of such a film. I strongly feel that the target audience for this film will eat it up. With that being said, it didn’t do much for me, but I would still recommend for young audience members. They are indeed the target audience. There are always exception to the rule. Toy Story 3 being that rare example, but this is a far cry from that film. I’ve recently gotten into the TV show The Big Bang Theory. The entire cast of that show is great, but Actor Jim Parsons is one of my favorite things about it. Something about his deliver is nearly flawless every time he utters a single word.

Here, Parsons lends his voice here to the character of Oh. He is a Boov (don’t ask) and they take over earth and segregate humans into sections all over the earth. Oh meets Tip (Rhianna) whose mother gets abducted and she becomes determined to find her. Since Oh makes a mistake by sending out an invitation out to the Gorg, he asks Tip to help him make good with the other Boov in exchange for Oh helping her find her mother. And so their journey begins. The journey is part of the fun here, although the film did wear thin before the closing credits. As I mentioned earlier, younger audiences should eat this up, and on that basis, I recommend this. It won’t be something I return to any time soon. I saw this theatrically with my younger nephews and they couldn’t take their eyes off the screen. Rhianna does a good job with the voice work, but Parsons is the big plus here. He’s right at home (no pun intended) here, and delivers his lines effortlessly. I could see how he might be irritating to some, but I think he does a great job. Visually speaking, the film is quite a treat for the eyes. It doesn’t reach Pixar quality, but it works in its own way. It’s especially nice in HD as well.

Video: How’s it look?

I think it goes without saying that nearly everyone who puts this movie into their Blu-ray player will have their expectations set very high. And those expectations will be met with the opening scene. Home dazzles in high definition as we thought and knew it would, from the sweeping visuals to the extreme close-ups that are so dominating throughout. The 1.85:1 AVC HD image never falters for a second, leaving the viewer in awe of the stunning visual quality (though the intended audience is far younger than me, I’m sure even the little ones will be awestruck).  As I usually say with the animated films, I could go on and on, but just know that this is perfect in every way.

Audio: How’s it sound?

On the audio side of things, they’re not quite as impressive as the visuals, but that’s not saying a whole lot. For the record, I thought the included DTS HD Master Audio mix sounded every bit the part, but I just felt it lacking in a few areas. There’s nothing technically “wrong” with the way it sounds, I think I was just expecting it to deliver a bit more oomph. And it didn’t. Vocals are pure and well-defined, the front stage is particularly active with surrounds offering just the right amount of subtle ambiance (and not so subtle in other respects) to give an immersive feel. The LFE effectively dominate some of the scenes offering a rich, robust feel to them.  I won’t say it’s a perfect mix, but it’s darn close.

Supplements: What are the extras?

When it comes to Blu-ray’s of this genre, the disc is either packed full of extras or severely lacking. In this case, the former is true and there’s a lot of material here, though I’ll be candid and say that most of it doesn’t offer a lot of substance. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of bullet points to cover – let’s get started.

Disc 1 – Blu-ray (All of the supplements are found here and are exclusive to the Blu-ray)

  • Best Party Ever! – All humans are cordially invited to partake in the related supplements. How nice.
  • Oh’s Party Place – We divide with some music videos.
      Oh’s Shake Your Boov Thing – Ever see a Boov dance? Yes? No? Well, nevertheless here’s more!

      Party Tunes

      • Music Video – “Feel the Light” by Jennifer Lopez.
      • Lyric Video – “Feel the Light” by Jennifer Lopez with lyrics at the bottom (think of it like karaoke, but…not).
      • Oh’s Boovy Jukebox: A series of clips from the film that have music in them. There are plenty to choose from and when clicked, will take you to that part of the movie.

      Oh’s Party Planning Tips – Ever wanted to plan and throw a great party for alien invaders? Your wait is over!

      Oh’s Costume Party – This allows the user to play “Dress Up” with two characters: Oh or Smek.

  • Short Boovies (1080p): Three shorts that are somewhat related to the film itself:  This Is Being Boov, Almost Home  and Testing Lab.
  • Deleted Scenes – Director Tim Johnson gives us a brief introduction prior to each scene. Included are What a Dump, Hide and SeekOh’s ApartmentEmpty EarthThe Swamp Chase, and The Key Fight.
  • Be An Artist! – These always amaze me. As someone with zero artistic talent, you can learn to draw the characters with Story Artist Andy Erekson. There are several “lessons” and Erekson uses a computer as opposed to traditional pen or pencil and paper.
  • Oh’s Other Extras
      Home: Boov Pop! Mobile Game – The movie has a mobile game and what better place to advertise it than the disc you just paid for!

      Stars of Home – The voices behind some of the characters give us their .02 on the movie and their respective characters.

      Gallery – Images from the film.

      Theatrical Trailer

  • The World of DreamWorks Animation Essentially blatant promotions for other Dreamworks titles including ShrekMadagascarHow To Train Your DragonKung Fu PandaThe CroodsTurbo, and Mr. Peabody and Sherman.
  • DVD/Digital HD Copy

Disc 2 – DVD

The Bottom Line

While not necessarily my cup of tea, the intended audience should love the film. I recommend it on that basis and for the presence of Parsons in the lead role. The pacing can be a bit slow at times, but it passes the time easy enough.

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