Jerry Maguire (Blu-ray)

January 28, 2012 8 Min Read

Review by: Matt Brighton

Plot: What’s it about?

Jerry MaGuire has it all, or so it would seem. In the fast-paced world of sports agents, million dollar deals, advertising, marketing and who knows what else–Jerry is the king. Jerry is the man when it comes to putting that sports idol on a box of Wheaties or making sure that “so and so” has a new model of his shoe out every year. An industry that is still booming…the sports agent. We are introduced in a very strange manner, to the world of a sports agent. It doesn’t take long to assume that it’s very busy, very phony and a high stress job. Some people can’t do it, while others are naturals at it. Jerry is a natural, or so it would seem. Director Cameron Crowe, who is responsible in the most part for such classics as “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” and “Singles” takes a look at the world of the sports agent. Next to the athlete’s mother, father and coach, the sports agent is the most important person. And for good reason, as it’s his/her job to make sure that the athlete’s are seen off the court and get them some more money (because they’re not paid quite enough as it is).

After visiting a client, Jerry is verbally assaulted by the man’s 10 year old son. Water off a duck’s back, right? Wrong. Jerry lingers on it and finds himself disgusted at what he has truly become. A powerful, money-grubbing, egotistical S.O.B. Of course, he doesn’t like it. So, at 2 AM, he starts writing on his laptop what he calls a “Mission Statement”. His view of what the company he works for, SMI (Sports Marketing International), should set their goals for. Without thinking, he runs to the nearest Kinko’s and makes copies for everyone to read. Ironically, it’s this mission statement of this that promptly gets him fired, but also gains the respect of a very special young lady. In a “must see” Tom Cruise scene, he takes what is left of his life (which consists of a goldfish that he names “Flipper”) and the accountant who was so taken with his document and they’re off to start their own sports agency. Make sense? Why would he leave the most successful agency to start another? First, he was fired, and second the point of his mission statement can be summed up as “less clients–more attention”. Of course to the nature of the sports agent, it’s pure blasphemy! So, Jerry is off with his one client, Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding Jr. in his Oscar-Winning performance) and his accountant Dorothy (Renee Zellweger) to start his new company…

To top all of this off, Jerry is leaving his girlfriend who fits right into that whole “sports agent” motif. This is where the plot starts to thicken. You see, Jerry is committed to his job, he loves it. When his job role changes in that he only has one client, Rod. He spends every waking moment with Rod, while at the same time trying to balance his personal relationship with Dorothy. Rod is his polar opposite. Physically talented, he needs only the pure determination to become a superstar football player, but is totally committed to his wife and family. The better part of “Jerry MaGuire” is finding the happy medium between the two main characters, and that’s what makes it so watch able and likeable.

Video: How does it look?

Jerry Maguire was one of Columbia/Tri Stars (now Sony) initial releases on the DVD format and weve come a long way since then. The title is perhaps one of the better-selling in their catalog which is why were seeing it now, on the dawn of a new football season perhaps? The 1.85:1 HD AVC transfer certainly improves upon the old anamorphic widescreen transfer of the standard DVD. I noticed that the colors and the entire palette seemed to be a bit brighter and the level of detail seems improved as well. The movie is now a dozen years old and there seems to be a bit of fault with the original source print as I did notice a few scratches here and there, but nothing to get worked up about. Quite simply, Jerry Maguire has never looked better and this Blu-ray showcases the image very nicely.

Audio: How does it sound?

The older Dolby Digital 5.1 track has been replaced by an uncompressed Dolby TrueHD mix that gives the track a new depth. Granted this film was ever really meant to be the most audio-heavy title out there and it will never be on par with the likes of Saving Private Ryan or Twister but then again it wasnt supposed to be. The vocals are very strong and some of the key scenes in the movie (Show me the money anyone) do sound as good as they ever have on a home video format. Theres a depth that wasnt present before but as mentioned earlier, this will never rival some of the truly great soundtracks out there.

Supplements: What are the extras?

Jerry Maguire was an initial title released early on and later revisited as a special edition. From what I can tell, all of the supplements from that special edition DVD have made the jump to Blu-ray. We start out with a pretty incisive commentary track with writer/director Cameron Crowe, Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Renee Zelweger as they seem to enjoy watching the film and no doubt it has a lot of significance for Gooding, who won an Oscar for his role. Crowe really knows how to deliver a great track and his knowledge of the film is second to none its a great track that fans will want to listen to. We get some deleted scenes with optional commentary as well as some early rehearsal footage. We also get some in character featurettes with Rod Tidwell (Gooding) as well as a music video by Bruce Springsteen. We round it all up with Jerrys Mission Statement: Fewer clients, less money. All in all, Sony makes it hard to refuse this one and for those that dont own the DVD, this Blu-ray is the version to have. The disc, as are a lot of Sony’s titles, is also BD-Live enabled.

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