Bang Bang Racing (XBLA)

July 11, 2012 4 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

Are you a diehard race fan, but want to take a break from the simulation type experiences? Then welcome to Bang Bang Racing, which puts you behind the wheel in a madcap, top down racer that never slows down. In the spirit of competition, you can not only leave your rivals in the dust, but you can spin them out in oil, force them to slide across ice patches, send them into explosive barrels, and more. So just when your friend thinks the race is in hand, you can turn their victory lap into a tour de force of mishaps, which is of course, a lot of fun. You can choose from a solid selection of wheels, from F-1 racers to muscle cars to more standard rides, which you can then take to a number of circuits. The tracks also offer good variance, as the locales are all over the map and each track offers variants to mix things up even more. So if you want to master the entire Bang Bang Racing experience, there is a lot of ground to cover here. You can take on four different circuits, then advance to the Championships, where you can earn the best rewards and accolades.

I haven’t played a top down racer in a while, but I have loved some over the years, so I was stoked for Bang Bang Racing. The game turns out to be quite fun, with a nice old school texture. This is more skill based than your typical kart racer, tasking you to do your own dirty work if you want to take out an opponent. This makes winning more satisfying, since you can’t rely on gimmicks, just good driving and some mean spirited tricks here and there. You can race against the computer in the various circuits, or face off with friends in split-screen mode. The main issue I have with the game is the lack of on-line competition, which is a staple of race games. Even so, the game offers a good deal of content and never fails to entertain. I had a blast with Bang Bang Racing, as it offers old school race fun and puts the focus on driving over gimmicks. So if you’re after some wild fun on the track, then Bang Bang Racing would make a great addition to your collection.

Video: How does it look?

The visuals have a throwback feel, but still look up to date and refined. The visual design is bright and colorful, which suits the game’s tone quite well. The top down approach makes the game stand out from the other racers, as it blends modern visuals with a nice old school texture. The cars look great, the courses are impressive, and overall, Bang Bang Racing delivers an impressive visual experience.

Audio: How does it sound?

The sound design also reflects the old school texture, but with a more refined approach. The noise at the tracks provide all the motor hum and screeching brakes you’d expect. The sound carries a kind of cartoon vibe, so the audio isn’t hyper realistic, though it isn’t totally over the top either. The music sounds good and fits the game well, which is good news. So in the end, we have a more than solid sound presentation.

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