Burger Time World Tour (XBLA)

January 28, 2012 4 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

Burger Time was an awesome game with an outlandish concept, as you were a chef who had to assemble massive burgers, while being hunted down by murderous food. Now decades later, we have Burger Time World Tour, which aims to take the killer food genre into the third dimension. This is not a simple HD remake, instead we have a 3-D world in which we can jump (gasp!), grab power up items, and yes, create massive burgers. So while the core premise remains creation of oversized burgers and avoiding death by carnivorous food folk, Burger Time World Tour adds in some new ingredients. Just being able to jump over enemies adds a new twist on the game, allowing for a faster paced, more kinetic experience. The stress of climbing the right ladder at the right time was fun, but World Tour offers a more robust, platform based adventure. This is certain to honk off some arcade purists, but the bottom line is that Burger Time World Tour is a lot of fun.

The pace is faster and the mechanics are more forgiving, but working the grill can still be stressful. This is not a cakewalk by any means, so be prepared to curse sausages and demand the death of eggs. I do think the ratio of cheap deaths to deserves ones is fair here however, as the controls are solid and the mechanics work smoothly. You also have to tangle with some mean bosses, so sometimes just putting the burger in the bun isn’t enough this time around. In addition to the classic single player action, you can dive into multi-player waters as well. Up to four players can pile into the kitchen, which can lead to some wild chases with generous use of weapons and power ups. While I had fun with the campaign, Burger Time World Tour is an anarchic blast with a full group. You’ll probably focus more on screwing over your opponents than progressing your own burgers, but then again, that is what makes it all so much fun. Burger Time World Tour makes some big changes from the original classic, but it is still a well crafted game that offers a lot of great fun. So whether you loved Burger Time or never even played it, Burger Time World Tour is recommended, especially if you can enjoy it with friends.

Video: How does it look?

The simple, single screen visuals of the original are gone, replaced by vibrant, three dimensional sights. The colorful visual design offers rotating levels with multiple tiers, all loaded with details to soak in. The little touches really add to the levels and help keep the various stages fresh. The character designs look good, from the chef to the assorted good villains, but you can also play as your avatar, which is quite cool.

Audio: How does it sound?

As expected, the sound design is brisk and fun. The music is light and never gets on your nerves, while the sound effects have a kind of cartoon style. This works well with the game, since being chased by giant eggs and throwing pepper at hot dogs is rather like a cartoon. So this sounds just as it should.

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