Just Dance: Greatest Hits (X-Box 360)

July 9, 2012 5 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

While dance based games have been popular for some time now, the arrival of Kinect has ushered in a new wave of dance game experiences. The full body motion sensor tracking changed the landscape, since your entire arsenal dance moves could now be judged, not just your feet or hand movements. The Just Dance series has taken Kinect by storm, with several top selling titles, but now fans can revisit the series’ early routines. Just Dance: Greatest Hits collects 35 of the most popular songs from Just Dance and Just Dance 2, made available for the first time on Kinect. The lineup is impressive, with recent chart toppers like Kesha, Katy Perry, and Rihanna, classics from Elvis, Carl Douglas, and Tina Turner, and fun one hit wonders like It’s Raining Men and Who Let the Dogs Out, so quite a mix of music. While might dislike this Greatest Hits concept, I think it is a great chance for fans to get a large group of new routines at a reasonable price. If you had to purchase these via DLC, you’d have to spend much more than the $40 asked for this retail release.

The motion tracking works great, able to detect both broad and subtle movements with ease. You might experience a quirk here and there, but that is true of all Kinect titles. One thing that stood out right away was the game’s visuals, as the visual design is creative and grabs your attention. More on the game’s look later on, but I did want to mention it here, as both the audio and video really shine here. The dance routines are well crafted, both in terms of fun and workout potential. So if you just want to kick out some jams, the moves are fun to run through, but you can also work up quite a sweat. The exercise element is integrated well, letting you know which songs provide the best calorie burning potential. You can also create your own dance routines, which is fun even if you only use it to trick friends into doing off the wall numbers. The content creation options are plentiful, so you could spend a lot of time with the customization side of things.

You don’t have to dance alone either, or even be limited to a single partner. No, up to four folks can get down in Just Dance 3, provided you have enough space. Kinect is notorious for needing generous play space, but as long as you have a good sized area, the four player element works well. Of course, you’ll get some tracking issues at times, but that is to be expected given the amount of movement involved. For the most part, even in the most active routines however, the multi-player experience is fun and makes a great party activity. So while the market has a lot of options in terms of dance games, few can match the Just Dance series in content depth and especially in song selection. So if you like to bust a move or just want a fun workout option, Just Dance: Greatest Hits is massive fun and highly recommended.

Video: How does it look?

This game has some wicked visuals, so even if you’re sitting out the dance routine, you’ll be interested in what happens on the screen. The Viva Las Vegas routine is a personal favorite in terms of visuals. This also helps for those shy dancers, as you’ll know some of the attention will be there, instead of a room full of folks all staring in your direction. The visual design is colorful and a lot of fun to watch, with varied designs for each song, so you’ll never be bored with the visuals here.

Audio: How does it sound?

The game sounds great, as it should, given that it is all about dance. The soundtrack is one of the deepest, most varied on-disc lineups you’ll find. A nice mix of current hits and favorites from the past,  with popular songs can be perused and all feature great sounding presentations. When Ubisoft says Greatest Hits, that is what they mean!

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