Renegade Ops (PSN)

January 28, 2012 6 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

Renegade Ops tasks you to save the world…by blowing stuff up. The evil Inferno is out there causing rampant chaos, but there is hope, thanks to a rogue squad of heroes known as Maverick. Inferno is driven to blaze a trail of destruction and leave the world in ruins, so victory will not be a simple assignment. As a member of Maverick, you get behind the wheel of one of four vehicles, each with a unique build and skill set. As you drive at reckless speeds, you’ll need to eliminate Inferno’s forces and complete special missions in the process. You can pick up various weapons in addition to the ones inherent to your ride, such as flamethrowers and very powerful machine guns. In addition to a special weapon unique to each vehicle, you can also customize your war machine thanks to skill trees. So burn down your enemies, then use the experience to bolster your defenses, add to your firepower, or ramp up your special power to high levels.

While Renegade Ops is on the short side, the entire campaign is packed with action. You will be engaged in battle from start to finish, with scarcely a spare second to catch your breath. The experience is a lot of fun, as the speed is fast, the battles are intense, and being able to trick out your ride is quite cool. Renegade Ops is a twin stick shooter, so you drive with one thumb stick and fire your weapon with the other. The controls are crisp, but some might need time to adjust to the steering, but it doesn’t take long to do that. You will be pulling off insane stunts in no time, spinning out while belching flames all over your enemies, then speeding off to run some poor sap off a cliff. The game is rather easy, but that is fine because it allows you to experiment and try to one up your previous stunt destruction over and again. The action is just a blast and thanks to the game’s superb visuals, every last detail is able to shine. In other words, the game looks and plays like heaven.

The best part of Renegade Ops, in my opinion, is the co-op mode. This allows you and up to three friends to tackle the campaign as an unstoppable force of nature. The game doesn’t seem to scale in this mode, which means you can really show off and try some insane kills and stunts. I did notice a minor amount of slow down at times, but it was infrequent and didn’t bring the sessions to a halt, it was a slight concern. You can also opt for two player local co-op, so couch buddies are covered as well. I do wish Renegade Ops was longer, but the nine included missions are jam packed with explosive fun. There isn’t much depth, but for a popcorn, B movie style action experience, Renegade Ops delivers. I had the most fun when I was a in a group, but even solo the game is a lot of fun to run through. So if you’re into blowing up tons of things and have at least one friend you can form a convoy with, Renegade Ops is well recommended.

Video: How does it look?

This game looks incredible and in truth, you’d be hard pressed to find a better looking game on PSN. The level of detail is beyond impressive, as even the tiniest touches seem to have fleshed out. You might not be able to pick it all up at first, given the breakneck pace of the action, but you’ll still appreciate the rich visuals. I found myself just driving around, soaking in the depth of the game’s world, it is that remarkable. Awesome work and this is literally a visual feast.

Audio: How does it sound?

The sound design is great as well, with countless explosions, bullets flying all the time, and of course, the roar of the engine of your war machine. When you blow up an enemy or demolish a structure, the audio makes sure you feel it, which adds a lot to the experience. The music is good and never distracts or annoys, which is always a plus. In short, the sound design is powerful and effective, not much else we could demand in this case.

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