Skylanders Giants (X-Box 360)

November 14, 2012 5 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

The Skylands are once again in danger, but this time it will take a giant solution to fend off Kaos. While Skylanders have protected the Skylands for thousands of years, there was once an even more powerful guardian force at work. These warriors were known as Skylander Giants, massive combatants with remarkable strength and abilities. The Giants have been banished to Earth for a long time, but this new threat is potent enough that their return is much needed. As Kaos continues to unleash his evil minions and assault Skylands, the Skylanders forces have to be more vigilant than ever. With a host of new Skylanders on deck and the might of the Giants, it just might be enough to fend of Kaos’ evil plot. Now it is up to the Portal Master to unleash these Skylanders and Giants, or else Skylands could fall forever…

The original Skylanders was a smash success, with a concept that dazzled players of all ages. You collect the assorted figures, place them on your portal, and use them inside the game’s world. This is an awesome premise that proved to be a popular one, as figures were flying off the shelves. In Skylanders Giants, you can use all of your previous figures and even level them up five more levels, but of course, new figures are also available. Almost all of the Skylanders have been given new and improved figures, while eight new Skylanders and eight new Skylanders Giants are also available. The benefit to the second series of the original figures is a bonus new power, as well as unlockable bonuses and challenges. Even so, your original figures will still work and get to level up, so you aren’t forced to upgrade. The new Skylanders are right at home with the original roster, while the Giants are a cool addition that give you a little more punch in combat.

The game plays much like the original Skylanders, with a humorous story that guides you through a varied assortment of levels, each with elemental gates and tons of collectibles to track down. You level up your Skylanders, upgrade your abilities, and equip various hats, the usual Skylanders stuff. The game feels sharper this time around, with more attention to detail and an overall more polished experience. So if you enjoyed the original Skylanders, this new game is more of the same, only better. The game is a little shorter, but also has a wealth of replay value elements packed in, so that isn’t a concern. You can engage your friends in arena battles as before, which is a fun diversion. In the end, Skylanders Giants improves upon the original and while some will dislike the approach taken with the figures, no one is forced to repurchase characters. So load up on the new figures, dust off your favorites, and head back into the Skylands!

Video: How does it look?

The bright, colorful visuals of the original return here, though with a more refined visual presence. The environments have more depth and detail, while the characters also reflect an enhanced level of detail. In other words, this is an improvement across the board and just takes the established visual design of the series to the next level. The new characters look terrific and blend in well, while the entire visual design is kind of like a cartoon that you’re able to take part in. So fans should have a lot to soak in here, as the Skylands look better than ever.

Audio: How does it sound?

The sound design is on par with the original. The stand out element is the voice work, as the game is packed with dialogue that both advances the story and just makes you laugh. The cast does a terrific job with the dialogue too, which helps it seem like a cartoon and a game rolled into one. The music is brisk and fun, never getting on your nerves, while the cartoon style sound effects more than get the job done as well.

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