Worms: Ultimate Mayhem (XBLA)

January 28, 2012 3 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

The worms have returned and if you thought their 3-D battles were epic before, you ain’t seen the half of it. Worms: Ultimate Mayhem features all of the content from the Worms 3-D titles, but this is no simple port, as Team 17 has revamped the content and tuned it to 11. Some of the new features include new voice work on the missions, binoculars to help you line up the perfect shot, and a tweaked camera system that should thrill fans. A picture-in-picture addition allows you track your long range attacks, even as you reposition yourself post launch. I found the camera just seems less intrusive this time, so you’ll notice much less frustration in that respect. The camera improvements are impressive, so if you disliked the Worms 3-D games before due to that, give this new version a chance to redeem the franchise.

This is the definitive collection of Worms 3-D content, so you might expect a lot for your cash, right? How about 60 missions to conquer, all of the franchise’s signature weapons, over 100 customization options, and four player multi-player, with both local and on-line support? In other words, all of the goodies from both Worms 3-D and Worms 4, improved cameras, plus all new customization options to boot. Team 17 has also lavished graphical enhancements on Ultimate Mayhem, so expect to see upscaled textures, higher polygon counts, and yes, even new water effects. The sound design has been shown some love as well, with new music and as I said before, voice acting in the missions. While some studios are content to bundle old content as is, Team 17 has crafted a love letter to the Worms franchise, one that fans will simply adore. So not only is Worms: Ultimate Mayhem highly recommended, you’d be crazy not to add this to your collection.

Video: How does it look?

As I mentioned above, the visuals have been given a fresh coat of paint. This has enhanced the visual design in all respects, so the content looks better than ever. The improvements made really shine and the franchise’s fun, cartoon style designs look great in this presentation. Blowing up worms has never been this beautiful.

Audio: How does it sound?

The audio has been revamped as well, with new music and some voice work in the mission segments. These might not be as drastic of changes as the visual overhaul, but the improvements are evident and add to the experience. The music and sound effects reflect the game’s offbeat, fun tone and it all fits in well with the material. A creative, effective sound design all around.

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