Booby Trap & The Takers

January 28, 2012 6 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

In Booby Trap, we watch as a maniacal ex-marine, Jack Brannan (Carl Monson) plans an attack to take out countless hippies. He dislikes all the weirdos, freaks, and hippies, so he wants to take action against them. As part of his plan, he steals forty land mines and heads to the site of an upcoming rock & roll festival. He knows the turnout will be high, so it seems to be a perfect chance to eliminate a large number of hippies. So he steals a motorhome and after he blows up a hippie chick just for laughs, he begins to lay down the mines at the festival site, almost giddy to see his plan unfold and take out the hordes of hippies. But when things begin to turn sour for Brannan, can he manage to complete his plan, or will it all blow up in his face instead? In The Takers, a pair of drug crazed bikers go on the hunt, but they’re not looking for the usual big game. After an encounter with some hitchhikers, the two decide to raise their standards in women, which means they want to get down with a high class chick. So when they see housewife Laura and her friend Barbie, they follow the pair of beauties back to Laura’s home. As the bikers wish to have some fun, they invite themselves in and start to have their way with the ladies. But when Laura’s husband gets home, a shotgun showdown ensues and all heck breaks loose…

Another double dose of Harry Novak, but this time, its a volatile mixture of sex, drugs, and homemade explosives. So you’ll see a madman with stolen land mines chase down hippies, a couple of maniac bikers crash in on a housewife, and these are Novak productions, so there’s ample naked flesh on showcase. While not the light, comedic sexploitation fare Novak often produced, these two are loads of fun and of course, have endless moments of hilarious ineptitude. I love the dialogue in The Takers, which is often so bad, you can’t help but laugh. Both The Takers and Booby Trap deal with serious material, as two insane bikers and a madman with explosive tendencies are featured, but thanks to the poor performances, thin writing, and low production values, they turn out to be unintentional comedies of errors. Carl Monson, director of The Takers, appears in both movies in wild, over the top efforts. And to be honest, his hammy performances are highlights in both of these pictures, as Monson is simply hilarious. These are two fun, typically bad Novak productions, though as I stated, these attempt to be more serious than most of his pictures. But don’t be put off by the more serious tone, as its impossible to take these seriously, trust me on that. So if you’re a fan of Novak’s movies, then give this release a spin.

Video: How does it look?

These movies are presented in full screen, which seem to be open matte treatments. I say this because on my widescreen television, the image crops at 1.78:1 and the visuals seem well framed in this presentation. As these movies are low profile, low rent, and low budget, I’d say these transfers look pretty good, much like most of Something Weird’s releases. The Takers has a rougher print, but still looks more than solid, while Booby Trap has a pretty clean print, with only minor grain and debris to mention. You can tell these were made in the 70s with minimal resources, as the image in both looks soft and rather dated. Even so, all things considered, I think Something Weird has given us stable, consistent treatments here.

Audio: How does it sound?

As you would expect, these films don’t need much audio presence and as such, the included mono options are more than adequate. Booby Trap sounds a little less dated and is much sharper, but both tracks are decent and free from serious problems. I did hear some slight distortion in The Takers, but nothing to be concerned with, by any means. The wacky music, offbeat sound effects, and hilarious dialogue all come through well in these tracks. So in the end, the included soundtracks prove to be more than adequate.

Supplements: What are the extras?

An audio commentary with Harry Novak is included for Booby Trap, in which he joined by an assortment of admirers. Novak’s tracks are fun to listen to, as he tells stories about his careers, but he also fawns over the females on screen. So another solid track from him, with a lot of interesting information included. You can also watch a television spot for Booby Trap, as well as theatrical trailers for both features. But that’s not all, as this disc also includes two bonus shorts (These are the Aliens & Magnificent Monique), a selection of exploitation artwork, a slew of bonus trailers, and a gallery of exploitation still photos.

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