Bride of Chucky

January 28, 2012 10 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

Chucky, everyone’s favorite “Good Guy” doll, has been in pieces for over a decade. No killing, no maiming, no nothing. But Chucky’s old girlfriend Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) is about to change all that. Using a book called “Voodoo for Dummies”, she puts the soul of serial killer Charles Lee Ray back into the doll, after she stitches him back into one piece, of course. But Chucky and Tiffany don’t get along, after Tiffany discovers her fantasy about Chucky proposing to her was nothing but a pipe dream, and Tiffany locks Chucky up. But she decides to add insult to injury, and buys a doll Chucky’s size of a bride, and locks it in with him. Chucky escapes while Tiffany is enjoying a bubble bath, and drop a television in the tub with her. Using the same incantation Tiffant used, Chucky puts Tiffany’s soul into the bride doll, and we have ourselves a loving couple! While life as a doll is fun, the two need human bodies to possess, and they find a young couple to take over…but will it be a fairy tale ending for these two love-birds?

This installment in the Chucky series is like a fish out of water, it is nothing like the other three movies. The other three were overly serious, and while the first was decent, the other two were god-awful, and the series needed a breath of fresh air if it was to survive. Enter Ronny Yu, Japanese film-maker, who turns the series around, and offering the best film in the Chucky legacy by far. The whole “serial killer’s soul in a doll’s body” theme is cool, but it begs for comedic relief, and the previous films didn’t provide that, at least not enough anway. But Bride Of Chucky delivers and then some, poking fun at the horror movie genre, and even the three previous Child’s Play flicks. This gives the movie instant appeal with me, as self-mockery is always funny and entertaining!

Sure, this is a horror movie, with bloody killings and all that good stuff, but the comedy is the main reason to check this one out. It’s interesting how Chucky deals with a new world, kinda like how the Child’s Play series had to evolve in the current world of horror films, Chucky’s reactions to the music, the kids, and everything else in the 90’s is funny, and keeps the movie from taking itself seriously, which is what hampered the first three films. Some horror movies can be serious (aka Halloween), but some need infusions of laughs to really be entertaining, and Child’s Play is one of those movies.

Now, the laughs are great, but what would Chucky be without his signature knife and some folks to butcher. The effects in Bride of Chucky are wicked, with several fantastic gore scenes, like a young guy getting splattered by a semi-truck or John Ritter getting a face full of nails. Very cool stuff, visually convincing, but a hell of a lot of blood, and in a spoofy movie like this, that’s a good thing. The killings are comedic and over-done, which fits in perfectly with the whole atmosphere of the picture. Chucky has to find a couple new ways to slaughter his victims, as Tiffany informs him that his knife murders are passe’, but Chucky still weilds old faithful on occasion, much to my delight.

Brad Dourif returns as the voice of Chucky, and he has more smart ass catch phrases that ever, and his one-liners steal the show. During a sex scene (YEAH!) Chucky informs Tiffany that he is feeling like Pinnochio down there…funny shit! And when the young couple discover the dolls are alive, they ask Chucky what is going on, and he tells them, “If this were a movie, it would take 3-4 sequels just to do it justice.” I was so suprised by the level of humor in Chucky’s lines, as I found him annoying in all but the first of the three previous releases. Jennifer Tilly is great as Chucky’s chick, and she adds a new dimension to the series, a welcome addition. She has almost as many funny one-liners as Chucky, and brings out a sensitive (rarely) side in Chucky. Tilly’s live action segments are also well done, and it’s nice to see someone non-anorexic in a tight leather outfit.

The relationship between Chucky and Tiffany is something to behold, as two dolls fighting over who will wash the dishes is hilarious. It’s a good thing this movie took a light-hearted approach, because it would have been an awful movie if made in a serious vein. Plus, who doesn’t love seeing plates and silver-ware fly at Chucky’s head? Hey, the guy has stalked enough people, let him get his balls busted for a change! The rest of the cast is good as well, but mostly bit parts and trivial roles. The suporting cast includes John Ritter (Jack Tripper from Three’s Company), Katherine Heigl, Alexis Arquette (the key-board player in The Wedding Singer), Lawrence Dane, and Kathy Najimi. Alexis Arquette is excellent, playing a Marilyn Manson-clone, and he hits the nail on the head with the role, and really shines! Although a small role, it adds a lot to the film.

If you’re in the mood for a few scares and even more laughs, Bride of Chucky is a must-have for your collection. This movie is a breath of fresh air from all the boring “Scream” and “I Know What…” bull-shit out there, and earns a place in my movie collection as one of my favorite horror films. While it’s not really scary, it has it’s gore, and it makes sure you get lots of it. If you like Dead Alive, the Evil Dead series, or the “…of the Living Dead” series, you should enjoy this movie, it’s of the same school of thought. So, don’t worry about being weighted down by the same old shit, try something new, and try The Bride of Chucky!

Video: How does it look?

Now we’re talking! A great transfer for this terrific slasher flick. The title is given a deluxe anamorphic widescreen trasnfer, and the results are obvious, as no grain, bleeding, or discolorment is present. All the shadowing is distinct from the other dark elements, and that is good, because the movie is very darkly lit at times. When colors are used, they are bright and vibrant, this print is wicked!

Audio: How does it sound?

Another great asset to this DVD is it’s audio. The music is mostly heavier rock, but the loud riffs never over-ride the dialogue, which allows us to hear all of Chucky’s witty phrases. Lots of effects, gun-shots, stabbing sounds, and blood gushes are all heard, and will light up your system.

Supplements: What are the extras?

Universal did not release this as a Collector’s Edition, but they did include enough features to warrant one. But hey, I won’t complain, cheaper price tag, more features, sounds like a deal to me. Included are the usual Cast/Crew Bios and Production Notes, as well as a theatrical trailer. These features are often over-looked, but when done well, they are a great asset. But where Bride Of Chucky shines, is the abundance of other features. A ten minute “Spotlight On Location” featurette is included, and it is packed with interviews with the cast and crew. Not exactly a making-of, but still, a nice little piece to help flesh the disc out a bit. A fairly lengthy “History of Chucky” section details the doll’s adventures in the first three Child’s Play flicks, and brings the story up-to-date for those just tuning in for the first time. Jennifer Tilly’s diary is included, and it reads like behind the scenes type things, giving us a glimpse at her take on Bride Of Chucky. The main draw in the features department however, are the two running commentaries, one by director Ronny Yu, and the other by Brad Dourif, Jennifer Tilly, and writer Don Mancini. These are great commentaries, and a very, VERY good extra to have. Universal gave me more than my money’s worth on this DVD.

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