January 28, 2012 5 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

On the scene of some construction work, a crew uncovers the bodies of some prehistoric creatures. The find includes a caveman, Brontosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus Rex all of whom have spent the past few million years frozen solid. The crew doesn’t care about the scientific value of these pieces, so they just push them onto the beach so they’re out of the way. As the creatures lie on the beach, the sun begins to melt the ice and that can’t be good news as far as smells go. Soon a tropical storm begins to ravage the island and the entire place is covered in water. As such when lightning strikes the creatures on the beach, we discover they weren’t dead after all, just in a state of suspended animation. Now we have these beasts wandering around the island and the T-Rex is looking to fill his stomach with some islanders. What will become of these prehistoric beings?

I think this is a fun movie that dinosaur lovers and camp film fans will not want to miss. The storyline is weak, the acting is bad, and the effects are downright cheese, but the fun factor is so high it doesn’t matter in the least. I happen to like the simple stop motion techniques used for the creatures and though they look fake, they also look very cool. You don’t watch a movie like this to be impressed anyway, you watch it to have fun and laugh at some of the more cheese ridden sequences. The special effects are what draw me to this film time and time again, but the movie as a whole just has a wacky sense to it. If you’re interested in offbeat cinema and dinosaurs, then give this terrific disc a look.

This film was directed by Irvin Seaworth, Jr. and while his work here isn’t classic cinema, he delivers a fun and offbeat film. The visuals are excellent and Seaworth captures it all in fine form, never missing a beat on what we should be seeing. I doubt this one won him much praise, but I think it is a terrific example of fun and creative filmmaking. If you want to see more of Seaworth’s films I recommend 4D Man, The Blob (1958), Way Out, and The Flaming Teen-Age. The real stars of this film are the cool stop motion dinosaurs, but the cast also garners some screen time. The acting is pretty bad, but given the nature of this film it’s acceptable. The cast includes Ward Ramsey (Posse From Hell), Paul Lukather (Hands Of A Stranger), and Kristina Hanson (Over The Edge).

Video: How does it look?

Dinosaurus! is presented in a 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer. This print was taken from the original camera negatives and the result is an unbelievable looking visual presentation. The colors are bright without even a hint of smearing, while flesh tones look natural and warm. The contrast is up to task also, with a high level of detail and accurate shadow depth. I’ve never seen this movie looks so sharp and clean before and I think fans will be very pleased.

Audio: How does it sound?

I didn’t expect much from this mono track, but I was surprised at just how effective it turned out to be. From the roars of the dinosaurs to the excellent musical score, you’ll hear all the audio in fine fashion on this release. Even the grunts of the caveman sound loud and clear in this terrific mix. The music is amazing and this track makes sure it gets the royal treatment. I detected no distortion in the least and no layering issues, so the music never overpowers the other elements. The sound effects are wacky, but fit the material well and they come across well in this mix. The dialogue isn’t left out either, as it sounds crisp at all times with no separation troubles.

Supplements: What are the extras?

Some nice liner notes have been included, along with the film’s theatrical trailer and a photo and poster gallery.

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