Doctor Who: The Krotons

July 7, 2012 4 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

The TARDIS has arrived on a planet that is in an unusual situation, as the native inhabitants seem to be under the rule of some unseen presence. This is not a benevolent rule either, as The Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe soon discover when they start to explore this strange world. The bulk of the residents are used as slaves in various operations, while the brightest are taken by the Krotons, the rulers of the planet. When the Krotons have taken someone, no one ever sees them again. This of course troubles The Doctor and he and the others are determined to overturn the situation. In order to empower the locals, they will need to gain their trust and implement a plan of action, neither simple tasks. As The Doctor continues to work to free the locals, known as Gonds, he discovers that his actions may have triggered the Krotons’ ultimate power…

This story isn’t one that is universally beloved by fans of The Doctor, but The Krotons is a fun one. I like this story because it is loaded with memorable quotes, which is always good. The banter between The Doctor and Zoe here is terrific and Patrick Troughton is quite good here. His performance is more animated than most Doctors, but it works and it is easy to see why he holds a special place in fans’ memories. I also love the Krotons, as they are straight up B movie monster bliss. The robots look awful, even by Doctor Who standards and really are a blast to watch in action. I know they’re cheap and awkward, but I think the Krotons are awesome in a cheesy, B movie fashion. So The Krotons might not be the most popular of The Doctor’s adventures, but I think it is a lot of fun and for fans, it is well worth a look.

Video: How does it look?

The Krotons is presented in full frame, as intended. This looks quite good, especially for a television program that is over four decades old. The black & white visuals have good detail and there seems to have been some restoration work done, as the source looks clean and clear. The contrast is accurate and consistent, so black levels are on the mark and no detail is lost within shadows or what not.

Audio: How does it sound?

This mono soundtrack is solid, but not remarkable. The praise here is how clean the track is, with minimal age related issues to contend with. Mono isn’t going to dazzle no matter good it is, but this track sounds clear and provides no reason to complain. The vocals come across well, while the music and sound effects are up to snuff. Not much else to discuss here, this might not blow you away, but it sounds good.

Supplements: What are the extras?

Second Time Around starts us off, a fifty-two minute look back on the days of Patrick Troughton as The Doctor. This is an excellent piece, an informative and well crafted retrospective. You can also listen to audio comments from various cast and crew members, as well as watch two interview featurettes.

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