EliteXC: Shamrock vs. Baroni

January 28, 2012 3 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

Frank Shamrock vs. Phil Baroni. Two men who have trash talked each other for years and now, the time has come to step into the cage and settle the score. EliteXC put Shamrock and Baroni together so that the talking could stop and the two could let their fists finish the conversation. The bad blood was immense, but only man would be able to back up his bravado. EliteXC would also crown the first Middleweight Champion, as Murilo “Ninja” Rua collides with Joe Villasenor, while Cung Le makes his much anticipated arrival to battle UFC veteran Tony Fryklund. Le’s reputation as a warrior is world famous, but would his success carry over into the world of mixed martial arts? All this plus fights from Paul Buentello, Josh Thompson, Duane Ludwig, and others. This two disc set includes all of the televised fights, plus the ones that weren’t aired. Here is a list of the televised clashes.

1. Frank Shamrock vs. Phil Baroni

2. Murilo Rua vs. Joe Villasenor

3. Cung Le vs. Tony Fryklund

4. Paul Daley vs. Duane Ludwig

5. Josh Thompson vs. Nick Gonzalez

6. Paul Buentello vs. Carter Williams

7. James Edson Berto vs. Victor Valenzuela

Video: How does it look?

The event is presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen. While this doesn’t look as good as the high definition broadcast, the event comes across well. The image is clean, clear, and sharp, with all the action inside the cage perfectly visible. The bright lights shine, especially when the assorted color beams strobe around the arena, while contrast is accurate as well, so black levels are stark and consistent. Not much else to say, the event looks quite good.

Audio: How does it sound?

The audio isn’t quite as impressive as the visuals, but this stereo soundtrack is adequate. The action inside the cage sounds clean and never muffled, so all the bumps, thumps, and slaps are crystal clear at all times. You can also hear the crowd noise quite well, from the roars to gasps to chants. The announcers are also easy to hear and understand, with no issues to discuss there. Solid work here.

Supplements: What are the extras?

The second disc houses fighter bios, behind the scenes footage & interviews, and still photo galleries. The best of the extras are the bonus fights however, which are listed below.

1. Mike Pyle vs. Aaron Wetherspoon

2. Dr. Seth Kleinbeck vs. Sam Spengler

3. Luke Stewart vs. Jason Von Flue

4. Chris Cariaso vs. Anthony Figueroa

5. Rex Richards vs. Ray Seraille

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