Entrails of a Virgin

January 28, 2012 6 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

An erotic photo shoot is underway in a remote stretch of wooded land, with several hotties posing for the cameras. The session is supposed to be professional, but the sexual tension mounts on both sides throughout the shoot. When night falls, a dense fog rolls in and prevents safe passage, so the models and crew members look for some makeshift shelter. As time passes, the focus turns toward sex and of course, inhibitions begin to fall to the wayside. A series of sexual power plays are put into motion, which in turn lead to actual sexual deeds, some more voluntary than others, some more outrageous than others. While all this indulgence occurs, an evil force stirs in the swamp not far from the warehouse. That force rises from the muck in the form of a humanoid demon, covered in mud and naked from head to toe. An enormous penis swings between its legs, a sign of what this evil is about to seek out. As the demon stalks the models and crew members from the shoot, the beast isn’t just about death, not even close. The creature begins to murder the men in brutal fashion, but he takes some extra time with the ladies. Yes, he puts his monumental dong to good use in some vicious sex acts. But even as the survivors race to keep ahead of the beast, will internal conflicts cost them their lives?

If you want sleaze, over the top gore, sick & twisted characters, vicious sex scenes, and oh yeah, even more sleaze, then settle in with this release. Synapse has issued Entrails of a Virgin, a movie which has all of those elements in massive doses. You’ll see a woman’s insides ripped out through her vagina, after she pleasures herself with a dismembered arm, if that gives you a frame of reference. As genre veterans should know, even dull movies can have sex and gore, so does Entrails of a Virgin live up to its sordid reputation? Hands down, this is a must own movie for even casual genre fans, as from start to finish, the film delivers liberal injections of the good stuff, topped off with a dark, sick sense of humor. The blood flows like beer at a NASCAR event, with all sorts of imaginative demises, including some real juicers. I think the gore effects look good, but realism is not at a high level. As far as sleaze, Entrails of a Virgin has a lot of naked flesh and some off the wall sex scenes, so those bases are covered also. Synapse has taken a lot of care with this release too, from the brand new anamorphic widescreen treatment to the newly revamped subtitles, not to mention the original, uncut version of the movie itself, so this disc is well worth the cost involved. And if you do add Entrails of a Virgin to your collection, make sure you also nab Entrails of a Beautiful Woman, also available from Synapse.

Video: How does it look?

Entrails of a Virgin is presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen. I’ve owned a few editions of this movie, including an import DVD and without question, this new transfer from Synapse puts them all to shame. In those versions, scenes were soft and lacked visual depth, but here, those same scenes look as crisp and detailed as we could want. In other words, an obvious improvement over all previous releases. The print has some light grain and debris at times, but these issues never become a problem in the least. The image is quite clean and sharp throughout, a much better overall visual presence than you might expect. I found colors to be bright and bold, while contrast is well balanced, even in darker sequences. I think Synapse deserves immense credit for not rushing this release, as the end result is more than worth any delays.

Audio: How does it sound?

The original Japanese soundtrack is preserved here, via a mono option that leaves no lasting impression. The presentation is basic in all respects, but never slips enough or spikes enough to make much difference. I’d rather have this kind of nondescript soundtrack however, instead of a troubled one that lessens the experience. The materials have some hiccups, but nothing serious and all the pieces seem to be in proper order here. The dialogue is clean and clear, though if you don’t speak Japanese, you might not be too worried anyway. No trouble with the sound effects or bad music either, its all in fine form in this treatment. In case you need them and chances are you will, English subtitles have also been provided.

Supplements: What are the extras?

This disc includes the first in a series of interviews with director Gaira, as well as the film’s theatrical trailer.

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