Erotic Survivor

January 28, 2012 5 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

In what has come to be known as the ultimate erotic social experiment, eight people were stranded in the wild woods, with nothing to sustain them, aside from what they were able to gather from the land itself. The people have divided into two tribes, the lesbian Pu-Nanni team and the Hey-Hu-Nanni tribe, with two hippies, a bible thumper, and a censor. These two tribes will face off in three events and whoever wins two, remains on the island, while the other tribe is sent off in disgrace, left only to vote in the final sessions. The tribe who wins will then compete against their own members, voting each other off one by one, until only one person remains, the sole erotic survivor. After three harsh days in the isolated woods, that sole survivor will be given the prize of twenty dollars, as well as the title of erotic survivor. But as time passes, the tribe members discover this adventure is more than they counted on, from intense lesbian encounters to exhausting physical contests to natural obstacles of all kinds. In order to win this most difficult challenge, the tribe members will have to endure serious trauma and learn to form alliances, but with twenty bucks on the line, no one can afford to trust anyone, not even their fellow tribe members.

After the massive success of Survivor, spoofs were bound to surface and with Erotic Survivor, we have the first erotic farce of the pop culture sensation. As usual, director John Bacchus supplies a ton of humor and in truth, really mimics the Survivor scheme to perfection. The tribes bicker and backstab, but also come together at times and according to the liner notes, the competitions were all real, so I suppose it’s even less fixed than the real series. The lesbian tribe is loaded with hotties, as Darian Caine, Misty Mundae, Jade Duboir, and Esmerelda Dellarocco forge the Pu-Nanni team of survivors. The other tribe features Debbie Rochon in an unusual role, along with three hilarious, but often annoying as hell male counterparts. I think this is one of Seduction Cinema’s best releases to date, as it offers almost constant hilarity, a plethora of lesbian encounters, and a dead on satire of Survivor, in terms of format and such. This is about as good as a film like this can be, wildly entertaining and loaded with awesome lesbian love scenes, what more can you ask for? As usual, Seduction Cinema has tacked on some nice extras and topped it off with a low price, so there’s no reason to miss this terrific release.

Video: How does it look?

Erotic Survivor is presented in a full frame transfer, as intended. This look very good, given the low budget nature of the flick. The colors look rich and never err, while the flesh tones remain natural and consistent, which is vital in a flick like this one. No errors in terms of contrast either, shadows seemed accurate and I saw no evidence of detail loss. The image here is very sharp and shows minimal problems, a more than solid visual presentation. Of course, it doesn’t match up to the more refined transfers of higher budget movies, but given the limitations and nature of the picture, I think this is more than effective.

Audio: How does it sound?

The audio here is very good, but keep in mind, the approach used sometimes causes low dialogue. This is because it outdoors and supposed to be “spur of the moment,” so some folks are further from the camera and as such, you might have to turn up the volume a little, though I don’t think it’s bad at all. The tribal themed music comes across in fine form, while the various sound effects are always clear too, no real problems to report on this end. As I mention, the dialogue is sometimes low, but that is to retain the atmosphere, so when you need to hear the vocals, rest assured that you’ll be able to with no trouble in the least.

Supplements: What are the extras?

This disc includes a ten minute behind the scenes featurette, an interview with Darian Caine, and some bonus trailers, though you won’t find a trailer for this flick.

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