Gladiator Eroticvs

January 28, 2012 5 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

Eroticvs (Darian Caine) is the most skilled general in the Roman forces, leaving behind a trail of defeated enemies, as well as very satisfied female combatants. In fact, she has done so much for her native land that Emperor Gluteus Maximus wishes to reward her greatly, by making her the next ruler of Rome. But when his son Dickus Minimus learns of this news, he panics and when he reveals his tiny member, Gluteus laughs so hard that he dies, right where he stands. Now Dickus assumes power and as he tries to become a most revered leader, he also seeks to seduce his own sister, Clitoris (Misty Mundae). He also sends a team of soldiers to murder Eroticvs, but she defeats the men and knocks the females out with her sexual prowess. Even so, Eroticvs ends up captured by the slave master Fellatio (Debbie Rochon) and her henchwoman, Orgasmus (Jade Duboir). Now she must battle and seduce to stay alive, but in the end, it could offer her the chance to settle the score with Dickus Minimus. Can Eroticvs return to her once noble position in Rome, or will she be doomed to perish in the arena of lesbian gladiators?

This sword & sandal spoof is hands down Seduction Cinema’s most enjoyable work to date, simply put, I loved Gladiator Eroticvs. I even had pretty expectations and even then, this movie delivered on all counts and surpassed those expectations. Of course, this is by no means a good film in the traditional sense, but in terms of entertainment, I found it to be fantastic. You have to possess a special sense of humor and not mind a lot of naked chicks, as well as countless lesbian encounters tossed in for good measure, but if you’re in, then you should really like this movie also. John Bacchus is back to direct and the usual Seduction Cinema roster is present, with such ladies as Darian Caine, Jade Duboir, Misty Mundae, Debbie Rochon, Esmerelda Dellarocco, and Heidi Christine on deck and in fine form. With hilarious battles, outrageous characters, and some of the worst special effects ever, Gladiator Eroticvs seems to have it all and as such, I am giving it a very, very high recommendation and if you’re at all interested, don’t hesitate to give this disc a spin. A rental be in order for some, but with a great disc and a low price, I think a purchase would be a wise choice also, so you can view this flick time and again.

Video: How does it look?

Gladiator Eroticvs is presented in a full frame transfer, as intended. I was pleased with this presentation and while the film’s low budget origins sometimes show, I don’t think anyone will be let down by this transfer. The colors look bright enough and flesh tones are natural, which is important here, what with the naked chicks and such. Just as solid is the contrast, as black levels are rich and accurate, while detail remains strong throughout. A slight touch of grain and some minor other flaws aside, this is a very good looking visual treatment.

Audio: How does it sound?

This modern day epic is presented in a Dolby Digital stereo track, which seems to be adequate enough. The sound effects are more wacky than powerful in scope, so the stereo limitations don’t come into play much, which is great news. The also quite wacky music is well presented, with no complaints to lodge in the least. The vocals come through in fine form also, from the battle cries to normal dialogue to moans of pleasure, it’s all good here. The dubbed voices are hilarious and if you think the synch is off, you’re right, but that’s intentional.

Supplements: What are the extras?

The main supplement here is a twenty minute behind the scenes featurette, which offers a lot of bonus nudity, hilarious moments, and even some insight into how these flicks are made, very cool indeed. I’ve loved these Seduction Cinema documentaries and I wish this one was longer, but it is still worth a look, to be sure. This disc also includes interviews with stars Misty Mundae and Debbie Rochon, the film’s trailer, and a plethora of bonus trailers.

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