I Like the Girls Who Do

January 28, 2012 6 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

We’ve all seen a movie in which someone must perform some outrageous task to win their inheritance, but we’ve never seen one like I Like the Girls Who Do, that’s for sure. In this rendition, a young man named Johnny has to put himself through the paces, but in a most enjoyable fashion, to be sure. You see, his uncle was a notorious ladies’ man and in order to secure the massive inheritance, Johnny must seduce seven women in seven days, which is a steep task indeed. But he is unable to pick and choose the women, as he must seduce the last seven lovers of his uncle and of course, that means he has rather large…shoes to fill, so to speak. Johnny is no stud by any means, but the girls seem ready to teach him about the sexual arts, without the slightest hesitation. So he is able to sleep his way through six of the chosen females, but as he soon learns, the seventh and final piece won’t be that simple. The last of the ladies is the finest of them all and of course, that means Johnny will have to turn on all of his charms, or lose his inheritance in the process.

This is one of the first releases under the Retro-Seduction Cinema banner and of course, it’s a riotous sexual farce, just as Seduction fans would expect. A ludicrous sexual storyline kicks off the event and as it unfolds, a parade of flesh is unfurled and some humor even creeps in, which is always welcome in films such as this one. It is hard to judge the acting as this is a dubbed edition, but rest assured, as I am positive it is just as laughable in German. So really, you have to be a genre fan to like a flick such as I Like the Girls Who Do, but if you fit that description, this is a release you won’t want to miss. It has some hilarious moments, a plethora of 1970s visuals to soak in, and of course, a whole lot of beautiful naked women, all the needed sexploitation elements are presented & accounted for here. Of course, if you dislike soft-core antics and massive amounts of nudity, then this one won’t make a fan of you, so be prepared. In the end, this is a sexy, fun little picture and I think it makes a good choice to kick off the Retro-Seduction Cinema line. The disc is decent as well and sports a low price, so there’s no reason to pass on this one.

Video: How does it look?

I Like the Girls Who Do is presented in a full frame transfer. I knew this soft-core flick from the 1970s wouldn’t look pristine, so I was prepared for the image quality, which is better than a VHS edition, but lacks the excellence we’ve come to expect these days. The print shows signs of wear, such nicks & scratches, but the image is more than watchable, so don’t assume this is a total loss. The colors look a little faded and the contrast is stable enough also, while flesh tones are accurate and in a movie like this, that’s very important. The image is rough however, but given the film’s age and nature, I think this is about as good as it is going to get, to be honest. I would love a full restoration, but on such a limited interest title, I can understand why one wasn’t performed.

Audio: How does it sound?

I was able to pick up on some flaws here also, but in the end, the audio is stable and presents no serious problems. The track has some age related errors such as hiss & distortion, but never to an extensive degree, so I won’t knock the score much. Some scenes sound better than others, but on the whole, this is an acceptable audio treatment. The hilarious dubbed dialogue is outrageous and adds infinite laughs, which is good in this case. I do think the inclusion of the original German track would have been nice, but I assume it would be just as laughable.

Supplements: What are the extras?

This disc isn’t as loaded as some Seduction Cinema releases, but it still has a few extras tossed in, just for good measure. A bonus short film, Peeping in a Girl’s Dorm is included and with Misty Mundae & Esmerelda de la Rocco as stars, you know your eyes are in for a real treat. This piece runs just over twenty minutes and makes for a fun watch, to be sure. You can also view a selection of sexy still photos, as well as some bonus trailers, though no trailer for this picture was included.

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