In the Spider’s Web

January 28, 2012 4 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

A team of backpackers heads into the depths of the Indian jungle, with a guide at the lead, but headed into areas few have ever explored at length. There are stories of an American doctor who lives in a remote section of the land, but not many have ever ventured to the village themselves. The group soon stumbles upon massive, elaborate spider webs, the kind either huge spiders or thousands upon thousands of small ones would have to be responsible for. The discovery unnerves some of the group, but the jungle is filled with spiders, so they press on. When one of them is bitten by a poisonous spider however, they are forced to seek out the village with the doctor, despite the dangers involved. But when they find him, they begin to suspect that dark forces are at work, so can any of them escape the perilous jungle?

A minor trend right now seems to be made for television creature features, low budget productions in which various animals and insects run wild. While some offer decent fun and the pleasure of animal attacks on annoying characters, most are simply awful and a total waste of time. I have seen some terrible ones, but none could hold a candle to In the Spider’s Web, which is without question the worst of its kind. This movie is so dull, so ineffective. even I was tempted to abandon ship, but I stayed tuned to find out just how bad things could get. There is no blood, no eerie atmosphere, no naked women, just some lame, high school haunted house visuals and the worst CGI effects I’ve ever seen. The spiders could have been cool, but instead look like they’re done in Windows Paint, I have to think whoever did this hides in shame. In the Spider’s Web should never have been made, this is just a useless movie and I hope no one else ever suffers through it like I did.

Video: How does it look?

In the Spider’s Web is presented in full frame, as intended. The film uses a dark, bland visual design and aside from the low resolution special effects, it all looks decent here. The detail isn’t great, but looks fine and given the film’s obvious budget limitations, we can’t expect too much. The image is clean and clear, so the rubber spiders look rubber and the torn gauze doesn’t even come close to looking like a spider’s web. Not much else to talk about, the movie has bland visuals and while still bland, at least this is a clean, solid presentation.

Audio: How does it sound?

The audio is basic, but covers all the bases. The spider sounds all come across well, but don’t expect the world, this is on par with a cable broadcast. The music is passable and as I said, sound effects are fine, but unremarkable. I had no problems with the vocals either, all the dialogue seemed clear in this track. So this won’t bowl anyone over, but the audio is solid and the movie sounds good, which is what matters.

Supplements: What are the extras?

This disc includes no bonus materials.

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