Lethal Seduction

January 28, 2012 6 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

Gus Gruman (Joe Estevez) has serious problems, as some of his friends and business associates have been killed in a most brutal fashion. These people were tricked into thinking an intense sexual experience was involved, but in truth, they were simply being lined up and struck down. The victims were not just murdered either, as the killer went so far as to torture them before taking their lives. Trent Jacobson (Chris Mitchum) is assigned to the case and has become obsessed with solving it, though he has very little to work with. He has minimal evidence to use and only one suspect, a mysterious woman who was seen leaving a crime scene area. Trent’s nephew, Donny is also involved, as he goes out with Gruman’s daughter, but he is not as well respected as his uncle, since he is a known criminal and low life. Donny wants to sap off Gruman’s wealth, but his love lies with a new woman in his life, one he knows very little about. But Donny soon comes clean to his uncle after a serious accident, which moves Trent even closer to finding the killer, but in the end, will he be able to solve the case?

I refuse to pass up a good chance to see Julie Strain naked, so of course, I decided to give Lethal Seduction a spin. This film was made in 1997 and has now been released on DVD thanks to Shock-O-Rama Cinema, who have dropped the ball in some respects, as you will read about later in the review. Strain (The Rowdy Girls, The Bare Wench Project) is up to her usual tricks in this one, dropping her clothes often and trying to act, which doesn’t pan out too well. As always, she looks good and in this case, that’s enough to allow her a good amount of screen time. A couple other names you might recognize are Joe Estevez (Lola’s Game, No Code of Conduct) and Christopher Mitchum (Rio Lobo, Tombstone), who also have substantial roles in Lethal Seduction. The budget limitations are obvious in this flick and the writing is not that strong, but it has some sparks that make it interesting, which is often enough. You don’t want movies like Lethal Seduction to see intense, well crafted cinema, you watch them to see Julie Strain naked and maybe some decent entertainment. In those regards, this film delivers and as such, I am giving it a solid recommendation to those interested, even if the disc is pretty lacking.

Video: How does it look?

Lethal Seduction is presented in a full frame transfer. I knew this film had limited resources and wasn’t expecting a lot in terms of video, but I was still let down with this transfer. This is a recent enough movie, made in 1997, but it looks pretty rough here, both source materials and authoring seem off here. The image has a digital haze at times, so to speak and while not extreme, it was detectable and lessened the experience. The source print looks very soft and shows some wear signs, which is not acceptable on such a recent flick. A few scenes manage to look as good as a second generation VHS edition, but never much more impressive than that.

Audio: How does it sound?

This is where I was very let down, as there is a loud hiss evident at times, which is very distracting indeed. It isn’t always present, but it is around sometimes and when it is, it will drive you nuts, I assure you. I lowered the volume to avoid the hiss to an extent, but we shouldn’t have to do things like that. The dialogue, music, and sound effects all come through in decent enough form, but that hiss forces me to lower the score, more than a little.

Supplements: What are the extras?

This disc includes a couple cool features, such as a thirteen minute interview with director Fred P. Watson, titled Inside Lethal Seduction. This piece is more insightful than I expected, as Watson speaks about his reasons for making the film, as well as stories from the production. If you want to hear Julie Strain’s comments, you can watch Hangin’ At Julie’s, a ten minute featurette that focuses on Strain. Through interviews with a topless Julie and some on set clips, we get an inside look at the mythical Strain, as if we don’t see enough of her in the flick already, eh? Some bonus trailers are also included, but none of them are for Lethal Seduction, which sucks.

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