Love Stinks

January 28, 2012 6 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

Seth (French Stuart) and Chelsea (Bridgette Wilson) are about to be married. In fact, they’re on a plane right now on the way to Las Vegas, where they plan to get hitched. On the flight with them are their friends Larry (Bill Bellamy) and Holly (Tyra Banks), who are already married. In fact, Seth and Chelsea met at their rehearsal dinner, oddly enough. While on the flight, Larry has a serious talk with Seth in the plane’s bathroom, and informs him that he feels Chelsea is the wrong woman for him. This triggers a flashback, and we see the development of Seth and Chelsea’s relationship from day one. Basically, Chelsea is obsessed with getting married, to a homicidal degree almost. Her place is layered with bridal magazines and such, she feels she has to get married, the sooner the better for her. Even though Chelsea does whatever it takes to make Seth happy and love her, he resists her pushes toward marriage for a long time, which enrages her. The flashback then revolves around Chelsea’s tries at forcing marriage down Seth’s throat, until things turn bitter and get very personal. Will Seth and Chelsea exchange vows, or will the two kill each other before ever walking down the aisle?

Love Stinks is a comedy about everything that is wrong about relationships. The antics between Chelsea and Seth are highly amusing, as they try to cause one another extreme suffering and what not. Even though this is not your typical romantic movie, it seems like a great date movie, as just about any relationship looks good by comparison. No matter how much of a hassle your significant other is, chances are they’ll seem like an angel after this movie. An interesting note about this movie is that none of the characters are endearing, they’re all bitches and jerks, using whatever means they have to in order to attain/avoid things. So don’t try to relate to or like these people, just sit back and enjoy their misfortunes. It’s not deep, it’s not complex, it’s just funny as hell to watch.

As with all romantic, or in this case unromantic comedies, chemistry is crucial, and Love Stinks has a pair of great leads. Their chemistry is not good, it’s terrible in fact, which is exactly what the movie needed to make the story work. French Stuart is best known for his work on television, but he turns in a decent performance here, although his voice annoys me to no end. Stuart (Stargate, McHale’s Navy) is passable, but thank goodness the material did not require much out of him, I fear the results of a complex role for him. The lovely Bridgette Wilson (Mortal Kombat, Billy Madison) plays her role perfectly, she is totally convincing as a bitch from Hell. Her sharp tongue and menacing glares are excellent, and make the movie roll along. Bill Bellamy (How To Be A Player) is downright awful in his role, even when it calls for little or not effort from him, acting wise. But his acting is so bad, it’s funny, so I guess no harm no foul there. Tyra Banks (Higher Learning), Jason Bateman (Necessary Roughness, Teen Wolf Too), Steve Hytner, and Tiffani-Amber Thiessen (TV’s Saved By The Bell) make up the supporting cast.

Video: How does it look?

As should be expected from Columbia, another top notch transfer. The visuals look tremendous, with a crisp image, free of flecks and nicks, and very clean in appearance. Colors look bright and vivid, with flesh tones looking perfect and natural. Black levels look sharp, with great shadow layering and very detail visible at all times. I could see no traces of compression errors either, such as pixillation or edge enhancement.

Audio: How does it sound?

Even though the disc offers only a stereo surround track, the audio is as good as I could ask for from a comedy. While the surrounds aren’t used constantly, there is some activity, usually during the music, but some good lower impact use is there as well. Being a comedy, most of the audio focuses on dialogue, which is vital to the film’s movement. Here, the dialogue is great, it rings through with no problems, every word is clear as a bell.

Supplements: What are the extras?

The disc includes one of the funniest commentaries I have heard to date, a must listen in my opinion. The track includes the director and a few cast members, and is almost like getting a second movie, it’s so entertaining. There is some great information tucked between the jokes and ribs, so everyone should enjoy this track. Also included are liner notes, talent files, and a gallery of trailers. The trailers are for Love Stinks, So I Married An Axe Murderer, My Best Friend’s Wedding, and Blind Date.

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