Scare Their Pants off & Satan’s Bed

January 28, 2012 6 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

In Scare Their Pants Off, we watch as two men try to satisfy their sexual urges, via some beautiful women. This sounds normal enough, but John and Bert are not your usual guys, as they have specific, offbeat desires. You see, these two bozos can’t seem to fully get their rocks off unless the woman has been scared beforehand, they think it enhances the experience and really takes the cake. In order to make this easier, they kidnap three lovelies and then subject them to horrific ordeals, hoping to scare the panties right off their victims. They have plans in mind for each of them, involving some very strange events, but will their plans work and get them laid, or will it all backfire and leave them worse off than ever? In Satan’s Bed, we find that an immigration officer with a checkered past has fallen in love with a young Japanese woman (Yoko Ono), which makes him want to leave his criminals ways behind him. But his main client doesn’t want to lose the connection, so he has the young girl kidnapped and starts to make the man’s life a living hell, even sending three goons to terrorize the couple. Will the two lovebirds be able to overcome his troubled past, or will they be forced into a life of crime forever?

This grindhouse double feature from Something Weird (via Image Entertainment) is a good one, with two very unusual, very humorous pictures. The humor is often at the expense of the material however, so those looking for a double dip of terror shouldn’t believe the titles, though fans of the odd shouldn’t pass this release up. Satan’s Bed is more traditional in terms of storyline, but still manages to be incoherent throughout, which adds layer upon layer to the fun involved, if you ask me, that is. I mean, we have Yoko Ono (Imagine, Let It Be) caught in a web of lies, danger, and mobsters, as well as three hilarious henchmen. It has some moments of boredom to be sure, but the trip is an unusual one and for those interested in obscure, offbeat flicks, Satan’s Bed is a worthwhile stop, without a doubt. The other film here is Scare Their Pants Off, which lacks the impact I had hoped, but still delivers on the wildness. I’ve seen a few other films take on this kind of approach, some to much better ends, but this one still has some cool moments. The premise is hilarious and while some of the events might offend folks, I don’t think Scare Their Pants Off is too bad. I wouldn’t purchase either of these alone for the price asked by Something Weird, but with both movies included and some nice bonus materials, I think this one is well worth the cost involved.

Video: How does it look?

Both films have been full frame transfers and as expected, both show signs of age & wear, but I am still pleased with the overall results. I mean, I’m surprised the prints are still watchable, let alone in as decent shape as seen here. The prints in both cases have nicks, grain, and debris present, but never to an extreme degree, so the image is still fairly clean and always watchable, to be sure. Scare Their Pants Off looks a little rougher in places, but if you watch these low profile, low budget flicks often, you should know about what to expect. So don’t expect visual marvels here, but given the materials involved, I think the flicks look good enough.

Audio: How does it sound?

The films both feature mono soundtracks, which are acceptable, but don’t raise your expectations too much here. The music and sound effects are as well presented as possible, given the age & nature of the pictures, as well as the limitations of mono. I heard little in terms of hiss & distortion most of the time, which is terrific news and on the whole, I think both tracks are more than adequate in terms of the basics. I had no problems with dialogue either, which comes through well also, though the budgets involved sometimes curtail how well the audio was captured, but that is never much of an issue in these flicks.

Supplements: What are the extras?

This disc is packed to the gills with extras, including a bonus feature (about 50 minutes) titled Hot Skin and Cold Cash. A welcome, well chosen inclusion, Hot Skin and Cold Cash fits in well with the theme of the release, so kudos to Something Weird there. You can also view four bonus short subjects, which include Jane on a Train, Times Square Sinema 1970, Couples Welcome, and Girls for Sale, all worth a peek if you enjoyed the main featured. This disc also includes theatrical trailers for both of the main features, a wealth of bonus trailers, and a selection of sexploitation artwork, complete with music & radio spots.

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