Set it Off

January 28, 2012 3 Min Read

Review by: Chad Estrella

Plot: What’s it about?

Set it Off is about four women who take the law into their own hands and rob banks because they feel they are being wronged by the system and feel they deserve a better way of life.

The first lady is Stony, (Jada Pinkett) a janitorial engineer at night who is trying to get enough money so she can afford to send her brother to UCLA. The second is Cleo, (Quenn Latifah) who works with the group as janitors at night and all she wants is some money to fix up her car and to improve her lifestyle. The third member of the group is Frankie, (Vivaca A. Fox) a banker who gets terminated for not following the rules in a bankrobbery and now wants to seek revenge. The final member is Tisean,(Kimberly Elise) a mother who loses her child because she can’t afford a sitter and now seeks any way to get money so she can have her son back.

This is a good movie and it is well presented on DVD. The picture is good and the sound is excellent. The movie moves at a good pace and you get to know the characters and their problems as to why they want to rob banks. The acting is pretty good and there are some good action sequences and some touching moments. The acting is also very well done. I recommend seeing this one if not owning it (I do).

Video: How does it look?

The widescreen 16:9 enhanced picture looks good. Although it wasn’t great it still looked well and I didn’t notice any negative things about the transfer. The full screen version is also on this dual layered disc and you can choose either one from the set up menu of this DVD.

Audio: How does it sound?

This is an excellent sounding DVD. There are some shootouts that give your speakers a workout and the hip hop music also comes alive on this soundtrack. The trailer also sounds pretty darn good as well.

Supplements: What are the extras?

The DVD has the theatrical trailer that is in 5.1 sound, which is always nice. There is also the cast and crew biographies and filmographies and a video by Ray J.

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