Sex and the City: Season Two

January 28, 2012 12 Min Read

Review by: Matt Brighton

Plot: What’s it about?

Now entering it’s fourth season, Sex and the City has become quite the popular show to watch. It seems that this show is catching on and that word of mouth is starting to pay off. Though actually billed as a Sarah Jessica Parker vehicle, it’s the her ensemble that makes the show work. You have Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) the Harvard grad who is an affluent lawyer. Charlotte, the prissy, yet likeable, socialite who is always looking for that special someone. Samantha (Kim Catrall), the PR woman who owns her own agency is always looking for that special someone, but just for one night…and finally you have Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker). Carrie writes a column in the paper called (aptly titled “Sex and the City”) in which she is constantly asking questions as to what people in the world’s most interesting city, New York, think about sex? Naturally, all of them do plenty of “research”, but it’s smartly written and superbly acted. Also, as the show gets more and more popular, there are some higher profile guest stars. In season two (reviewed below), we get to see Jon Bon Jovi among others. The show is also in the process of introducing some more stable male characters as well. Mr. Big (Chris Noth) has been around since the beginning, but has a regular, recurring role as well as Miranda’s on again/off again boyfriend, Steve. Carrie’s gay friend, Stanford, also shows up on a regular basis. I became hooked on Sex and the City when I reviewed the first season last year, my only hope is that I don’t have to wait another whole year for Season Three to get on DVD. But I suppose you can always subscribe to HBO…

Disc One
1. Take Me Out to the Ballgame: Carrie has ended her relationship with Mr. Big and has to deal with that ordeal, but her spirts liven up when she finds a Yankee player who she thinks might be able to heal her pain. Samantha’s new boyfriend isn’t quite living up to the standard that she is used to, seems size is an issue. Charlotte’s new boyfriend seems to think her new boyfriend has a tendancy to “adjust” himself in public a little too much…

2. The Awful Truth: As Carrie gets over Mr. Big, she decides to invite him to her birthday party, but it seems one is the lonleist number for her on her big day. Charlotte gets a puppy as a means to avoid dating men and Samantha gets a little too far involved in the “dirty talk” for her new boyfriend.

3. The Freak Show: This might be my favorite episode of the season. Carrie’s dates range from a documentary self-centered filmmaker to a nice guy/jerk at a whim. Samantha’s date is more than she bargained for (hint: dog collars) and Charlotte takes advantage of a man who makes her day after day after day after day the best in the world.

4. They Shoot Single People, Don’t They?: The ageless conversation of “faking it” is tackled here (with no real solution), and all of them deal with the possibility of satisfying their man or faking it just to appease their lovers. Charlotte, meanwhile, decides that it’s about time she gets a bit closer with the apartment building handyman.

5. Four Women and a Funeral: Charlotte meets a man at a funeral who seems to good to be true (and most likely is) as Carrie tries to heal the pain that’s happening between her and Mr. Big. Samantha learns the hard way who not to seduce and why. She’s blackballed from New York’s elite for being a slut. Miranda, having second thoughts about her new place, starts to second guess her decision.

6. The Cheating Curve: Tackling the ever-interesting world of men and women cheating, the foursome wonder if it’s ok if you don’t get caught. Charlotte makes friends with influential lesbians, but isn’t in the “in crowd” and Miranda finally gets asked out by a work out buddy who she’s been eyeing for months.

Disc Two
7. The Chicken Dance: Can two people still fall in love at first sight? Ask Miranda. Her friend who she is sort of interested in, instantly falls for her decorator and are married in a matter of months! The girls don’t know what to think as does Mr. Big.

8. The man, The Myth, The Viagra: Miranda meets Steve, a man who actually lasts more than one episode. Despite his annoying voice, she’s attracted to him even though she treats him as a one night stand. Samantha starts to date a 72 year-old millionaire who has a plentiful supply of Viagra, but not much else.

9. Old Dogs, New Dicks: Carrie is on a quest to change some of Mr. Big’s annoying habits, which may or may not work. Charlotte is dating an uncircumcised man, but much to her dismay, things go wrong when he gets himself “fixed” and Samantha bumps into an old boyfriend only to discover that he’s now a man…named Samantha!

10. The Caste System: Mr. Big and Carrie tell each other how they really feel about each other, though Big is in true form. Miranda and Steve call it quits (but a man actually lasted more than one episode) and Charlotte goes from art decorator to groupie in record time.

11. Evolution: Carrie tries to domesticate Mr. Big by attempting to leave some items at Mr. Big’s place. Miranda finds out that she has a “lazy” ovary and comes to terms that she may never have kids and Charlotte dates a guy who she thinks is gay, but quickly learns that looks (and actions) can be very deceiving…

12. La Doleur Exquise: Mr. Big tells Carrie that he’ll be moving to Paris for half a year as Samantha takes the girls out to the newest S & M restaurant in the city. Chalotte has some—-issues with shoes and the people who sell them to her and Miranda meets a man who likes to play it risky!

Disc Three
13 Games People Play: They ask the question “Do you have to play games to make a relationship work?” as Carrie meets none other than Jon Bon Jovi and of course, has a fling with him. Samantha’s new boyfriend only has sex with her when the Knicks or Mets win forcing her to become a sports nut and Miranda and her neighbor get to know each other a bit more…

14. The Fuck Buddy: The ladies finally realize what they are and what they do. They just don’t care. Samantha and the couple next door make a little game out of their noises they hear, much to Samantha’s disappointment later on. And Charlotte finds her schedule is too full for her dates…so she starts double-booking them.

15. Shortcomings: Charlotte’s brother, who is going through a divorce, has sex with Samantha prompting Charlotte to make a rather true (yet hurtful) remark to Samantha. Carrie dates a man who also writes and gets to know his family a bit better…

16. Was it good for you?: The ladies ponder the question as to their performance in bed (in this show…are you kidding?) as Carrie dates a man who drinks too much and wonders if she is his new drug. And Charlotte’s man falls asleep while having sex with her.

17. 20-Something Girls vs. 30-Something Women: Charlotte dates a guy in his 20’s who gives her a harmless, yet embarrassing STD. Samantha’s ex worker tries the PR thing, much to her dismay. Carrie discovers that when Mr. Big returns from Paris, he has a new little lady at his side by the name of Natasha.

18. Ex and the City: Carrie wonders about her future with Mr. Big and if they can be friends or not after she learns that Big and Natasha are engaged. Samantha meets a man who is just the opposite of her earlier problem…he’s too big (even for her)! And Charlotte conquers her fear of horses, if only temporarily.

Video: How does it look?

Like the first season, Sex and the City is shown at it’s full-frame ratio (1.33:1). Unlike the first season, this one looks a lot better. While this lacks the added enhancement that an anamorphic transfer would provide, it looks just as good, if not better than when you watch the series on TV. My hope was that they would give it an anamorphic transfer like that of another HBO series, The Soprano’s. But they didn’t. Still, the colors seem vivid and bright, no real trace of edge enhancement, my only real complaint is the fact that there is some grain in a lot of the daytime scenes. Still, it’s minor flaw and shouldn’t distract you in the least from enjoying this very interesting series.

Audio: How does it sound?

Many titles on DVD excel in their video presentation, others excel in their audio section. Sex and the City does neither. What you get out of the disc is a good, entertaining show and not something that you can show off your speakers with. Quite simply, it suits it’s purpose. The Dolby Surround more than does it’s job and the front speakers get a bit of a workout on some of the scenes, but that’s about it. Dialogue is clean and has no loss whatsoever. You won’t be impressed, but you won’t be disappointed either.

Supplements: What are the extras?

Each episode has a trailer associated with it as well as some cast bios. We want more supplements…

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