Sex and the Other Woman

January 28, 2012 6 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

Lisa (Jane Cardew) is a beautiful woman with massive breasts, not to mention a taste for married men. She is more interested in taken men than single ones, which sounds odd, but her desires don’t seem to waver. Whenever she has her eyes on someone, she rarely fails to make the score, even if the man is happily married. Then once the conquest is complete, Lisa moves on and continues her sexual escapades. But when she sets her aim on an office coworker, can she once again seduce a married man? And if so, what kind of impact will it have on her, as well as the man involved? Elizabeth (Maggie Wright) also loves to indulge in sexual affairs with married men, but not for the sexual pleasure. Instead, she allows herself to be taken in order to extract cash from her wealthy suitors. But when her newest victim is left broke thanks to a divorce, will she leave him all alone? A man finds himself drawn to a younger woman, but not just any girl of course, instead one of his daughter’s best friends. The girl catches the man’s eye thanks to her school uniform, which he sees her peel off in seductive fashion. This is just too much for the man to handle, but what kind of consequences will he face afterwards? These and more tales of adultery can be found here, as the darker side of sex is explored.

This movie is sexist and portrays women as sex starved vixens, but of course, even the best premise can sometimes fall apart. This British import has all the makings of a sexploitation classic, but does it live up to its exploitative potential? Sex and the Other Woman is crass, sexist, and plays like a male wet dream come true, with implausible situations around every corner. When women discover cheating husbands, not only is divorce never mentioned, but the mistress is invited to join the couple’s household. So if you want feasible erotica, this isn’t your boat to sail on, but come on, no one buys these kind of movies for realism. Instead, viewers want beautiful young women in the nude, which is what Sex and the Other Woman does best. The veteran sexploitation filmmaker Stanley A. Long (Naughty, Adventures of a Plumber’s Mate) ensures all the usual elements are present, which means ample naked women and ample sexual situations. The selection of females is quite choice, with some real hotties and some major league breasts on showcase. And let’s be honest, the jiggle is what brings us to a flick like Sex and the Other Woman. So no, this is not a good movie or even close, but for what it is, all the bases are covered. I can’t recommend this to everyone, but for erotica devotees, this one is worth a look.

Video: How does it look?

Sex and the Other Woman is presented in full frame. This looks just as expected, a somewhat worn print that supplies passable visuals. The print has grain throughout, but never to an extreme level, while debris is frequent, but minor in scope. So there is some softness, but the visuals aren’t hindered that much. Then again, detail is rather low and the image isn’t refined, but that is typical from a lot of films from this time period. The colors have faded, but still look bright, though of course, vibrance isn’t what it once was. I found contrast to be solid, but lightened a little thanks to the print’s softness. So in the end, we have a basic, but reasonable visual presentation, which in this case, is about all we can ask.

Audio: How does it sound?

The mono option found here won’t raise many eyebrows, but it is a solid track and given the film’s history, I think it sounds terrific. The years haven’t taken too much of a toll on the materials, as hiss and distortion never prove to be an issue. This means the dialogue is allowed to come through in clean and easy to understand form, no volume or clarity problems to report. The music in this movie is quite good and it sounds great here, or at least as great as an older mono soundtrack allows. In short, I was very pleased with the audio treatment here and given all the hassles the movie has been through, we should be thrilled it sounds this good.

Supplements: What are the extras?

This disc includes the film’s theatrical trailer.

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