She Demons

January 28, 2012 5 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

After a tremendous storm brews into a hurricane, a team of Americans end up washed ashore on an isolated island, more like shipwrecked as it were. Fred Maklin (Tod Griffin) is the sensible leader of the band, while the loyal Sammy (Victor Sen Yung) and spoiled Jerrie (Irish McCalla) round out the team members. As the trio explores the island and tries to formulate a plan, they soon discover some strange, dangerous creatures. These beasts look very much like women, but have the traits of an animal, as well as deformed features and what not. The three soon become “guests” of an insane Nazi scientist and of course, he loves to conduct offbeat experiments. The menacing scientist has captured a group of delicious supermodels, who he plans to extract a certain element from, which he will then use to restore the beauty of his disfigured wife. Of course, he wants to take the essence of Jerrie and unless Fred can intervene on the double, our heroes will be helpless victims of this maniac scientist and his…SHE DEMONS!

Now this is what I call a camp classic! Richard Cunha helms this low budget epic that includes wicked storms, beautiful women, and even Nazi experiments. It all starts with a simple shipwrecked band of people, but She Demons soon turns into a full blown chamber of horrors, especially those disfigured local girls. The makeup and special effects don’t impress, but then again, did you really expect eye popping visuals here? I think Cunha and his crew spent their limited budget well and in the end, the less impressive moments add humor to the movie, which is always welcome in these B movies, of course. As with most of these kind of movies however, there’s a lot of build up and little payoff, so don’t expect a brisk picture here. I like this flick and it has some terrific moments, but it moves at a slow pace and as such, might scare off some monster movie lovers. If you’re a fan of ’50s camp or want to complete your Richard Cunha collection, this release is recommended.

As I mentioned above, this film was directed by Richard E. Cunha, who also helped to write the movie’s screenplay. His career was rather short, but Cunha supplied some fun movies and of course, all were made on shoestring budgets. I don’t think he will be remembered as a master director by any means, but Cunha delivered as best he could and in these cases, that’s an accomplishment, to be sure. In this film, Cunha packs in all sorts of great elements and tries to make them work, but in the end, the lack of resources seems to sink the picture. It has some fun moments, but moves slow and has too infrequent good stuff, which is a shame. Other films directed by Cunha include Daughter of Frankenstein, Missile To The Moon, Girl In Room 13, and Giant From The Unknown. The cast includes Irish McCalla (Five Gates to Hell, Hands of a Stranger), Tod Griffin (She Devil, Tv’s Operation Neptune), and Victor Sen Yung (Jet Attack, Tv’s Kung Fu).

Video: How does it look?

She Demons is presented in a full frame transfer, which is an acceptable aspect ratio for this flick. The image looks decent given the age and all, but as expected, shows mild to heavy debris and damage, which isn’t good. The contrast levels seem solid however, which is vital for a black & white picture like this one. I do wish this was cleaner and perhaps a little sharper, but this edition is by no means unwatchable.

Audio: How does it sound?

Not much to discuss here, the included mono track is smooth, but offers little depth. I was pleased to find little in terms of hiss, distortion, or harshness, but the crispness just wasn’t there, to be sure. The dialogue sounds clean and easy to understand, while the sound effects come through in fine form also. No complaints on the music end either, the cues are well presented and never falters, decent work indeed.

Supplements: What are the extras?

This disc includes the film’s theatrical trailer.

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