Short #6

January 28, 2012 8 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

Since there are several short films on this disc, I’ll break them down one at a time. One thing I will note is the shameless advertising on this disc. It’s automatic before shorts, and gets annoying very quickly. Other than that, very well done.

1. Billy’s Balloon- A crudely animated short about balloons coming to life and attacking children. Very cool idea, with balloons bopping kids, then picking them up and dropping them from high above. Not for everyone, but a decent animated short. While the animation is primitive, the entertainment factor is very high, one my favorite shorts on this disc. This short also has an accompanying commentary and production notes.

2. Blue City- A mock-stylish short about a suicidal man, which is shot through filters and what not, which cause it to be bathed in blue. The entire short, in every way, is bluish in tint, which looks very cool. The short is decent, but nothing to write home about. It contains some humor, thanks to a couple of car thieves, but still, lacks the overall quality of the material usually found on these discs. This short also comes with optional director’s commentary and production notes.

3. The Bad Plant- This delightful shorts tells the tale of a plant named Bill, who longs for freedom, outside of the woman and tiny cow he lives with. After hatching failed plots, he finally has one he thinks will work. This is a 3-D animation, but as fluid as we’re used to. It looks decent, and the entertainment factor is high, and that is what really counts here. It manages it’s fair share of good times within only 3 1/2 minutes. Not bad. You get an optional director’s commentary, production notes, as well as storyboards for this short.

4. El Banquete- A strange, fast paced short which focuses on time, and frankly, did nothing for me. I appreciate unusual cinema, but this one just left me feeling like I wasted five minutes. One thing I did like about this short was the use of blurry shots, which set a confusing tone, very appropriate. This may not be the best short I’ve seen, but I’ll take the good with the bad. This short comes complete with production notes as well.

5. Bovine Vendetta- Now this was cool! No story, no actors, just a myriad of flashing images, and a cow with superimposed lips spouting off Charles Manson quotes. I know this isn’t for you all, but I found this very fun to watch. Now, I’m not sure it’s one to watch over and again, but it was fun the first time. This short comes with optional director’s commentary and production notes.

6. Midnight Dance- The dead rise from the grave in order to dance to classical music. What a great concept, done here with superb charcoal sketching. This animation is breathtaking, and some of the best I have seen using the charcoal format. Very stylish, and again, amazing animation. Plus, I am a sucker for dancing skeletons. But you already knew that much. This is by far the most visually impressive presentation on the disc. Production notes are included for this sketch.

7. 60 Channels- This may appeal to big time music fans, but I found this to be quite boring. The people involved seemed like MTV rejects, and couldn’t hold my attention for longer than the opening credits. This short deals with some musical people, who claim to be fighting “musical mediocrity.” If that was true, they’d kill themselves. I don’t know why this is on this disc, as it seems better suited for the Circuit disc, in my opinion. I am sorry I ever clicked on this short, without a doubt. You also get a DJ’s take on the short, but who cares about what he thinks, as well as production notes.

8. Black Coffee- This short deals with a couple’s adventures after meeting on a dating game show. On their vacation, a prize from the show, the two get into hi-jinks, most of which are unfunny. But romance strikes, and the two realize their meant for each other. While reminiscing at the airport on the way home, they end up with a stranger’s briefcase. Inside the case they find drugs, which the guy attempts to flush down the toilet aboard the plane. Security camera footage sees the whole episode, and the guy is in deep shinola. I won’t spoil the ending though. This short has accompanying production notes as well.

9. Me & Will- This is an interview with a couple of female filmmakers who made a film called Me & Will. They discuss the film and why they did certain things, as well as the general topic of insanity. While I like the idea, I didn’t feel it belonged it, not all by itself anyway. Worth a watch? Nope. I wish I would have skipped it, but I couldn’t. The movie looks like a good one, but this interview seems out of place here. But hey, they all can’t be crazy balloons attacking kids, can they?

10. Franky Goes To Hollywood- This is such a cool short. It follows Franky, the dog from Armageddon that fights with Godzilla all through his work for the movie. It features appearances by many of the film’s stars and director Michael Bay, and this short rocks! This is highly entertaining, and actually has some great behind the scenes footage of Armageddon and a very cool scene with Franky and Steve Buscemi. A treat to watch, the disc is worth the money by this short alone. Production notes are available for this short as well.

Video: How does it look?

The video varies from short to short, so I can’t really comment on it much. In each of them, the video quality is acceptable, although some look better than others.

Audio: How does it sound?

Same deal here, as each short is different that the next. The audio is decent in them all however, so no worries there. Maybe not speaker rattling, but very good for this medium.

Supplements: What are the extras?


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