Sin in the Suburbs & The Swap and How They Make It

January 28, 2012 6 Min Read

Review by: Fusion3600

Plot: What’s it about?

In Sin in the Suburbs, the cul-de-sacs are overcharged with sex, as adulterous affairs spark in almost every last household. All the sex hasn’t clouded the mind of Yvette Talman (Dyanne Thorne), as she plans to turn the sexcapades into cold, hard cash. She and her all too creepy brother Lou want to create a sex club, one which is quite enticing. The members don masks and cloaks, then engage in pure pleasure, just sex for the sake of sex. No names, no faces, no inhibitions, just all out freaky sex for all involved. Of course, the idea is sure to be a popular one and with a fee charged to each member, that could add up to some serious cash. But when Yvette’s daughter learns of the infidelities, she decides to take action. So when the sex parties kick in, Yvette has no idea that her own daughter is in the crowd somewhere. Will the sex club prove to be a mint investment, or will it cost the members more than they can imagine? In The Swap and How They Make It, a pair of sex starved housewives take a walk on the wild side. Mona’s husband never wants to do the bump, while Karen’s fling with a college man turned sour. So now they eye a club where wives are swapped, which means willing lovers await. But is the swap such a good idea, or will both women wish they could just trade back to their old lives?

Ah yes, we’ve all heard about bored housewives and bold husbands in the suburbs, where key parties, wife swaps, and orgies happen each weekend. Or at least, that is what we’re told in this wild suburban sex double feature. Joe Sarno (Pandora’s Box, Lash of Lust) is behind both of these movies, so you know the naked bodies and sex are frequent. In truth, these are two soft and light motion pictures, not like some of Sarno’s later works. This is not wall to wall graphic sex, instead we see some beautiful women naked and sex does happen, but there is an attempt to shovel in some kind of plot. In The Swap and How They Make It, the movie runs like a normal drama and pushes the actual side to the side. A let down to be sure, but Sarno delivers a passable drama with some decent moments. I think more sex and naked women would have added to the fun, but even so, this is one time watch. Sin in the Suburbs is the real reason to snatch this disc, as Sarno lets loose the sleaze and the good times, they do roll. Not just the nakedness either, Sin in the Suburbs has a great jazz soundtrack and some terrific moments, such as the freeze frame sequences. Not a sleaze classic, but still well worth a look. I don’t think this release warrants a purchase, but for fans of sleaze cinema, a rental is justified.

Video: How does it look?

Both films are presented in full frame, which seems to be an acceptable aspect ratio. The source prints look very good and aside from some normal age related defects, I was pleased with the presentation. You’ll see nicks, scuffs, softness, and other woes, but those are a given with a production of this kind, from this time period. But even with the flaws, this is about as good as we’ll see this one look, so I suppose not a lot of room for complaint is present. Could these films look better? Of course, but due to the limited audience for these films, it simply wouldn’t be a wise investment.

Audio: How does it sound?

Each film features a mono soundtrack, which means the dynamic presence is limited, but it seems to be enough for these flicks. I did notice some age related flaws, such as distortion and harshness, but given the nature of these films, I’m surprised they sound as clean as they do here. The music and sound effects are solid, but not all that memorable, which is all you can expect from a release like this one. No issues with dialogue aside from some slight flaws, but as I mentioned above, these problems don’t amount to much in the end. I doubt you’ll be impressed here by any means, but since the basics are handled well, fans should be satisfied.

Supplements: What are the extras?

Sarno provides an audio commentary track, which has him joined by his wife Miss Cleo Nova and exploitation pioneer David F. Friedman. The session is good, with a lot of memories from Sarno that span his entire career. He mostly deals with stars and those who helped in his productions, but he seems to have a solid recollection of the production. This disc also includes Sarno’s short film A Sneak Peek at Strip Poker, a selection of exploitation artwork, and the theatrical trailer for The Swap and They Make It.

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